Which Gwen Stefani artist will win ‘The Voice’ this season? (Poll)

No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani has her work cut out for her this year on “The Voice.” None of the female coaches so far has been able to prevail for any season.

Stefani is now one of the new coaches/judges on NBC’s reality program and is up against another rookie: occasional producing partner Pharrell Williams.

Over the first six seasons of the reality program, country star Blake Shelton dominated the other coaches by winning three times. However, first season champ Adam Levine (Maroon 5) rallied to win again in the fifth cycle. Usher is the reigning winner but is no longer on the program.

Will Shelton or Levine have the winning singer this year? Can first-timers Stefani or Williams steer someone to victory?

Each of the four has selected a dozen contenders for their teams. Beginning on Monday, October 13, the 48 hopefuls will do battle, hoping to make it to the knockout round or be saved by another coach. 

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We are profiling all four dozen contestants prior to that, with those of Team Gwen’s 12 hopefuls below. 

After reading about each, be sure to vote in our poll as to who has the best chance of winning “The Voice” for Stefani for the first time.   

Amanda Lee Peers – Amanda sang lead vocals in a band that has opened for both Bruce Hornsby and The Spin Doctors, but branched out as a solo act this past summer. She does graphic design during the day and performs at night. Her audition song was “Put the Gun Down.”

Anita Antoinette – Anita returns after she auditioned in Season 3. Although she wasn’t able to get a chair to turn, she impressed the coaches, and they encouraged her to come back. Two years later, Anita’s taking their advice and giving it another shot. Her audition song was “Turn Your Lights Down Low.”

Bryana Salaz – Bryana comes from an Army family, and she can’t even keep track of all the different schools she’s attended. She’s turned the constant moves into a positive though and is able to make friends easily and face fears and uncertainty head on. Her audition song was “Problem.”

Gianna Salvato – Gianna lost her sister when she was only eight years old. To cope with her loss, Gianna poured herself into music. Now, she’s auditioning to make her sister proud. Her audition song was “Glitter in the Air.”

Jean Kelley – Jean’s interest in music comes from performing her talent during beauty pageants that she entered in order to put herself through college. She currently works several jobs in Atlanta while gigging on the side but is more ready than ever to turn her passion for singing into a career. Her audition song was “Already Gone.”

Jessie Pitts – Jessie grew up on an Alabama farm with her five siblings. Her father, a musician, inspired her to sing and taught her how to perform by building her a stage in the family barn. Jessie currently attends a music school and works at a recording label in Nashville. Her audition song was “The Story.”

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Mayra Alvarez – Mayra has been singing since the age of six. Her father taught her to sing in both English and Spanish and pushed her to excel. Mayra and her dad saw their hard work pay off when she won a singing competition that granted her a college scholarship. She currently sings backup vocals for some major Christian artists, but is ready to step into the spotlight. Her audition song was “Human Nature.”

Menlik Zergabachew – Menlik’s parents immigrated to America from Ethiopia seeking a better life for their family. Although he was raised to value school, Menlik has decided to pursue his true passion: music. At first, his parents were angry with him, but they’ve recognized his dedication and now support his decision. His audition song was “Santeria.”

Ryan Sill – Ryan’s mom teaches vocal lessons, so he and his sisters grew up performing at recitals. At first, singing was just a hobby and Ryan went to college to become an engineer. He joined an a cappella group on campus and realized singing is where his true passion lies. Ryan has taken a year off from college. His audition song was “Secrets.”

Sugar Joans – Sugar has idolized her dad since she was a little girl. He toured with Alice Cooper and was featured on albums of superstars like Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, but he didn’t have his own breakout hit until the age of 32. He’s told Sugar to always work hard and to keep trying, even when doors close. Her audition song was “Chains of Fools.”

Taylor John Williams – Taylor has always loved to sing, even though none of his friends shared his interest. Taylor’s teacher encouraged him to sing at his high school graduation, and he’s been pursuing music ever since. He currently lives in Portland, working in a bar and as a street performer when he can, but he is looking to take his music career to the next level. His audition song was “Heartless.”

Troy Ritchie – Troy, can do countless impressions and walk on his hands. He used to be terrified of singing at a young age but always wrote songs and practiced playing guitar in his room. When a friend secretly signed him up for their high school talent show, Troy reluctantly performed and was surprised when he received a standing ovation. His audition song was “Out of My League.”

It’s your chance to chime in about Team Gwen. Take our poll below.

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