Blake Shelton artist Sisaundra Lewis predicted to win ‘The Voice’

Country superstar Blake Shelton should be very happy when this sixth season of “The Voice” ends in May. After all, his artist Sisaundra Lewis is projected to win with leading odds of 21/10.

Live shows begin on Monday with the final 12 contestants performing. Results are now in the hands of the home audience.

According to exclusive Gold Derby odds, reigning champ Adam Levine has a strong contender in Kat Perkins who sits in second place with 3/1 odds.

The third spot is held by Shakira team member Tess Boyer with 7/2 odds.

Usher has an uphill battle to enter the winner’s circle as none of his artists rank in the top six.

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Levine prevailed for last fall’s fifth season. He also won the very first season. In between, Shelton swept, claiming victor in the second, third, and fourth cycles.

Let’s take a look at each of the contenders still trying to win “The Voice” this season.

Sisaundra Lewis (21/10) – Sisaundra was born into a family of migrant workers and grew up singing in church. She’s had some success singing jingles for commercials, performing with Cirque du Soleil and working as Celine Dion’s vocal director. Team Blake

Blake Shelton boots out two team members

Kat Perkins (3/1) – Kat started a rock band with her husband; but they divorced six months later, and she decided to take a break from the music business. She’s currently a full-time nanny for a family of five, with whom she created an unofficial band for fun. Team Adam

Tess Boyer (7/2) – Originally picked in a solo chair turnaround by Usher, Tess was stolen twice. She grew up dancing, cheerleading and competing in pageants. She was a cheerleader for the St. Louis Rams football team and currently works with special needs children while studying pre-law. Team Shakira

Adam and Shakira keep five women, one man

Christina Grimmie (4/1) – Christina first started her career on YouTube and now has more than 2 million subscribers. Her YouTube popularity landed her an opening spot on the Selena Gomez tour, but she has yet to land a record deal. Team Adam

Kristen Merlin (5/1) – Kristen has always faced ridicule for her tomboy appearance. She loves music and wants to use her passion and the national platform of The Voice to represent others who may be judged by how they look and not for who they are. Team Shakira

Jake Worthington (5/1) – Jake is a true country kid who loves fishing, mudding and four-wheeling in his free time. He broke his back playing football and had to take it easy for a few months, which allowed him to discover his true passion: music. Team Blake

Bria Kelly (10/1) – Despite her young age, Bria has performed the national anthem more than 40 times and has opened for Miranda Lambert. She’s currently the front woman for her own band. Team Usher

Usher elIminates two more artists from his team

Audra McLaughlin (10/1) – Audra is a hard-working college student who’s overcome a learning disability to earn a 3.5 GPA. A former victim of bullying, Audra is very involved with anti-bullying campaigns and has performed at several charity events. Team Blake

Delvin Choice (12/1) – After not making a team in Season 5, Delvin is back to prove that he belongs on The Voice stage. He joined two bands to prepare for this season and spent the year playing various gigs. Team Adam

Josh Kaufman (20/1) – A four-chair turnaround artist originally on Team Adam, Josh was stolen in the second round of battles. He has been singing on-and-off his entire life. He supports his wife and three kids by playing local gigs and working as an SAT prep tutor. Team Usher

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Dani Moz (20/1) – In high school, Dani always focused on music and theatre. After graduating, she got a communications degree in New York then moved to Boston, where she worked in public relations during the day and gigged at night. Team Shakira

T.J. Wilkins (20/1) – T.J. grew up in South Central LA, and his mom encouraged him to get into music to avoid gang violence. Her encouragement helped him win a singing competition, where he had the opportunity to play with his biggest idol, Stevie Wonder. Team Usher

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Will Sisaundra win this year? Will Team Blake get his revenge on Team Adam? Be sure to sound off in the comments section below too. 

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