How did our ‘The Voice’ predictions champ secretly know Craig Wayne Boyd and Blake Shelton would win?

“I picked Craig Wayne Boyd to win the show from the minute I saw his audition because not only was he a country singer, but he also had a cool factor,” says Denton Davidson, our big winner in “The Voice” predictions contest for the seventh season this week.

He adds, “I knew girls would like him and even more than that, he is actually a great singer. I was really surprised to see the judges almost eliminate him TWICE because I knew when America got control he would have a huge fan base. Country music sells more music than other genres in the US and people forget that sometimes.”

Blake Shelton country artist Craig Wayne Boyd wins ‘The Voice

Davidson is a 34-year-old development operations manager for a non-profit group in Minneapolis. For his efforts, he wins a $100 Amazon gift card and bragging rights for yet another reality show. He has correctly predicted several of our recent events: “The Bachelorette,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” and “Big Brother.” Click here to see his full profile and predictions for many shows and awards, past and present.

In a new Q&A below he discusses his secrets to success, all of the coaches (Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, and Gwen Stefani), and other insights for this past season of the NBC reality show.


Q: What are your secrets to predicting reality shows?

A: It really depends on the type of competition it is. I like doing predictions for talent competitions because I think I’m good at predicting who the public will vote for. It’s easy to spot “star quality.” If someone gives an average/forgettable performance and is coupled with the fact that they have no charisma, it’s easy to know they are on their way out. One of the long shots I was able to predict this season was how long Ryan Sill would stick around because although he was just an average singer, I knew girls would love him and that twitter save would be his life line. I didn’t predict he would be eliminated until I knew someone with even more charisma would be at the bottom with him, so I waited until I had Chris Jamison in the bottom 3 along with him and I knew that would be the guy to send Ryan home. Another “long shot” I was able to predict was the elimination of Reagan James on team Blake. I am not sure why she was ranked 3rd place overall on Gold Derby for so long because she was SO BAD!

Q: Why did Blake Shelton’s one remaining contestant beat three from Adam Levine?

A: I’ve always been one of those people who say it’s all about the contestants, not the coaches. The only impact the coaches have are at the times when they are choosing the songs because song choice is everything on these shows. I think Adam is actually the smartest in terms of choosing the best songs for his contestants. He knows what kinds of songs the voting public will respond to. I think the reason Blake’s one contestant was able to beat him was because Blake’s one contestant simply had the bigger fan base. It could also be argued that the guys on Adam’s team might have split up each other’s votes a little bit. Craig had the country/rock genre all to himself and fans of that music were all on his side. They had no other options. I think Adam’s team all crossed into each other a bit. Matt McAndrew and Chris had similar styles in some minor ways and I also think Chris and Damien had similar styles in other small ways. It may have worked against all of them that they were all still there.

Q: Blake has now won four of the seven seasons. What is his secret?

A: Blake sticks with what he knows and if he doesn’t know he lets the artist take control. He knows country music and he knows what country music fans like. He is usually good at picking the right songs for his contestants although this season I think he could have done better. I don’t think Craig had as good of a final week as he should have.

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Q: What happened to Pharrell Williams? Many of us thought he was building an all-star team, but he was the first coach eliminated?

A: I think Pharrell suffered from a couple of problems. He held on to a couple of people I think he had an emotional connection to that had ZERO star power. DaNica Shirey was a nice girl with a good voice but everyone knew she was never going to win that show. It seemed like Pharrell was on a roll during the blinds, but then suddenly when you saw his team as a whole, it wasn’t that good. What Pharrell has going for him is that the contestants seem to want to work with him the most. They almost always chose him if they had a choice. He now needs to be more picky about what he turns around for. I also think part of his downfall was that many thought Luke Wade was going to go all the way when they saw his audition, but that guy just completely unraveled and fell apart more and more each week.

Q: What suggestions would you give Pharrell when he returns next season to do a better job?

A: I think the biggest suggestion is SONG CHOICE. Song choice is everything and I think that Adam and Blake know that better than anyone. Pharrell is one of the best producers in music and I think sometimes he chose songs because they seemed cool, but they didn’t resonate with the audience watching at home. Ballads win the Voice at the end of the day. They win all of these shows. Look at any winner of the Voice or American Idol or any of those shows and I’m sure there is one pivotal performance of a ballad that made everyone stand up and take notice of that person.

Q: What would you like to see changed on the show for next season (rules, strategy, set-up, etc.)?

A: I know it won’t happen because the season is already set to start shooting, but I’d like to see Adam take a break! I just can’t handle him going on and on and on anymore. He talks too much. I’m actually looking forward to Christina Aguilera returning; she adds to the show. They need someone who isn’t all sweet and fluffy all the time. She’s the one who will actually tell someone it wasn’t good and I like that about her. I thought the wildcard this season was interesting but I don’t think it really added anything to the show. Other than that, I don’t know if they need to change it up. I would like to see the judges change more often. I don’t think Adam and Blake need to be there all the time. I think it would be really cool for stars to just commit a few months to do a show and keep them rotating. Keep it young and fresh. I think putting Bruno Mars in there, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, etc. in for just one season and keep people rotating would be really cool. I think the people who are established yet still young like the current coaches might be willing to commit to doing something if it were just a few months with an understanding it would be over after that one season finished filming.

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