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ETPhoneHome: No! After having him pegged as the winner for weeks, I moved off Craig Wayne Boyd at the last moment. I should have just stuck with my gut. Oh well, that was fun as the first season I watched the show. I’ll definitely be checking back in when it starts up again in a few months.

Gucci: Thank goodness this winner will fade into obscurity.

Hamilton Bacon: You will be eating your words! No doubt, Matt McAndrew and Chris Jamison, and perhaps a few others from this season, will see some commercial success. And unless you totally turn off country music, Craig Wayne Boyd will become a huge country star for sure.

24Emmy: Another blah winner. He wasn’t even Blake Shelton‘s best country singer. Poor Adam Levine.

Macbeth: Thank god Craig won – of the four finalists, he was the only one I actually liked. McAndrew was a pseudo-hipster who butchered every song he did, Jamison was bland and Damien was boring. Boyd had a lot of heart and personality, and I love that he won

moviefan61794: I think Craig can have some mild success in the country world. I’m personally pulling for Chris Jamison to make a mainstream breakthrough. I was rooting for him and, to a lesser extent, Matt McAndrew. At least Damien didn’t win… But it makes sense that the most boring season of The Voice so far would produce an adequate winner.

BenitoDelicias: I was pulling for Chris, yes Baby Justin, but whatever. If not him then Matt. Anybody but Damien of course, his story got so pushed so far this season that it got extremely annoying and every performance was one bad choice after the next. He pretty much Clay Aikened his way through the competition thanks to Adam’s choices for him.

Underestimating Jake Gyllenhaal at Golden Globes – Click Here to Discuss

surpriselover: I’ve recently moved Jake Gyllenhaal up to second place! I know a little crazy and I might shuffle my picks around before the show but, an argument used around Gold Derby a lot is the Apple in a bag of oranges. Currently, Gyllenhaal is that apple, the only actor in the category who is not playing an actual person. Shouldn’t he be more of a factor considering he’s solely creating his character without any source material? The other four could easily cancel each other out.

Actriz: I also have Gyllenhaal in second place after Benedict Cumberbatch who is the major, popular, beloved star in the movie that the Globes loved with Harvey behind him.

Ryan Lapierre: Unfortunately it won’t happen. It’s gonna be either Eddie Redmayne or Benedict Cumberbatch. Probably Redmayne though.

babypook: Normally, I would say not a snow-ball’s chance. But Nightcrawler has performed remarkably well, (as it should imo) earning back at least three-fold at this point. And it’s such a terrific small film, with the notices it’s garnering, it will earn quite a bit more. The earnings’ the thing with the HFP. On the other hand, the Globes appear to be trying to clean up their transparent act. And, predictions of Oscars or not, the correlation is hard to deny; and it wont be Gyllenhaal.

Oscar race for Best Supporting Actresss – Click Here to Join Our Forum Chat

FreemanGriffin: I’ve been really disappointed at the lack of precursor love for Rene Russo‘s superb performance in Nightcrawler ): Only the L.A. film critics have had the good sense to put her in second place.  I’m hoping for a miracle nomination for Ms. Russo in January! My current predictions: Patricia Arquette, Jessica Chastain, Keira Knightley, Emma Stone and Meryl Streep.

zordon: Agata Kulesza got nominated for more critics awards than Streep or Dern, won in LA and not a single Oscarologist puts her in top 10, or even 20.

FilmGuy619: While I’m predicting that Arquette, Stone, Knightley, Streep, and potentially Dern or Chastain getting in, since the BSA category is notorious for its fair share of surprises in terms of nominations (Ruby Dee, Jacki Weaver, Marcia Gay Harden, Rachel Griffiths, etc.) I’ll expect a potential or hopefully two potential dark horse surprises.

Phoenix Love: Now that I think of it, I wouldn’t be averse to a Russo nomination. The reviews for Russo don’t surprise me for she’s always been a quiet, electric force. I bet she kills it in this her LACC nom in 2nd place prove this.

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