‘The Voice’ poll: Which contestant is most likely to win for coach Shakira?

Singer-songwriter Shakira has sold over 60 million albums worldwide, but she didn’t strike gold in her first season as a coach on “The Voice” last year. Back for a second try, she is looking to dethrone defending champ Adam Levine, three-time winner Blake Shelton, and another sophomore coach — Usher.

Each of the four coaches has selected a dozen contenders for their teams. Beginning on Monday (March 17), the 48 hopefuls will do battle, hoping to make it to the knockout round or be saved by another coach. 

We are profiling all four dozen contestants prior to that, with those of Team Shakira’s 12 hopefuls below. 

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After reading about each, be sure to vote in our poll as to who has the best chance of winning “The Voice” for Shakira for the first time.   

Cierra Mickens – She grew up on a military base in Alaska. Even though she lived in the great outdoors, she spent most of her time singing inside. She wanted to be a lawyer and has a degree in criminal justice and political science. Her audition song was “Crazy.”

Clarissa Serna – She performed with a band for seven years. After little success, she decided to start working at her parents’ real estate company. She volunteers at a rock camp for young girls and encourages them to never give up on their dreams. Her audition song was “Zombie.”

Dani Moz – She has always focused on musical theatre. After graduating high school, she got a communications degree in Boston. For three years, she worked at a public relations office during the day and gigged at night. Her audition song was “I Need Your Love.”

Ddendyl – She grew up in a home exploding with creativity and taught herself to play the piano and violin. She went to a prestigious boarding school for music in Michigan. Currently living in Washington D.C., she works as a lounge singer. Her audition song was “Stand By Me.”

Deja Hall – She is the child of two military parents. Because she moved around a lot, her only constant growing up was music. She’s a varsity basketball player who’s very competitive, despite having only one kidney. She gets told that she should take it easy but refuses to slow down. He audition song was “True Colors.”

DeShawn Washington – He is a small town guy with big city dreams. He was working on achieving his dreams in college, but he had to quit in order to support his family. He prides himself on his classic soul sound, which is hard to find in such a young voice. His audition song was “Twistin’ the Night Away.”

Emily B. – She grew up in Idaho and was a part of the local music scene. She wanted to pursue music further and moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a session singer. One day at a routine eye exam, she was told she had VHL, a condition that led to two brain surgeries and four eye surgeries. Her audition song was “Wicked Game.”

Jeremy Briggs – His two passions have always been music and baseball. He played on his college baseball team and even ended up coaching after he graduated. He now works for the California Unemployment Appeals office and plays gigs at night with his band.His audition song was “Bad Company.”

Kristen Merlin – She has always faced ridicule for her tomboy appearance. She loves music and wants to use her passion and the national platform to represent others who may be judged by how they look and not for who they are. Her audition song was “Something More.”

Lindsay Bruce – It wasn’t until college that she mustered up the courage to sing in front of others. She wrote music when she was younger, including a song for her uncle who passed away on 9/11. Music has always been an outlet for her during difficult times. Her audition song was “Even if It Breaks Your Heart.”

Lindsay Pagano – Her music career started at a very young age. She was signed to a label at 13 and toured with Aaron Carter before being let go by the label. She now works in a doctor’s office and performs as a wedding singer on the side. Her audition song was “Lady Marmalade.”

Music Box – She is a single mother trying to make it as a full-time singer. She dealt with stage fright until she was 18, when she adopted her stage name. She wants to grow as an artist and be an inspiration to her son. Her audition song was “You Gotta Be.”

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