Three steals shock first night of ‘The Voice’ battle rounds

For the first night of battle rounds Monday on “The Voice,” half of the eliminated artists were brought back from the dead. The coaches/judges shocked the crowd by redeeming three of the six doomed contestants with steals.

The first battle round offered up by Usher pitted T.J. Wilkins against Biff Gore with the song “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” The coach selected Wilkins to move on to the next round, and then rival coach Blake Shelton stepped in to steal Gore away.

The second matchup from Team Blake saw a victory by Jake Worthington over Lexi Luca with the tune “It Goes Like This.” Nobody stepped in to save Luca.

Round three was a face-off between Shakira contenders Dani Moz and DeShawn Washington with “My Kind of Love.” Washington was eliminated and not saved.

Adam Levine was the last of the coaches to provide a matchup. Kat Perkins took down Patrick Thomson when they sang the duet “Whenever I Call You Friend.” Shakira then jumped in to save Thomson and welcome him to her team.

It was a longer two-hour show, so Shelton then had another competition between his team members Paula Deanda and Sisaundra Lewis singing “Do What U Want.” Deanda went home next.

The final battle of the night was Usher’s artist Stevie Jo defeating Jake Barker when they performed “Higher Love.” All three of the other coaches hit their buttons wanting to steal Barker for their teams. After listening to their pleas, he chose to join Team Adam.

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