What’s your ‘Walking Dead’ prediction: How many zombies will be snuffed out Sunday night?

Do you think Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” will be focused mainly on high-minded interplay between Glenn, Beth, Carl, Maggie and gang rather than a ghoulish ambush by walkers? Or do you believe we’re going to see one of those gorefest episodes featuring dozens of severed zombie heads flying off during epic battle?

Before you make your prediction at Gold Derby, consider our official racetrack odds on how many of the undead will be obliterated:

1. More than 10 Walkers  – 1/1
2. 1 to 5 Walkers – 12/5
3. 6 to 10 Walkers –  11/2
4. 0 Walkers – 20/1

This is one of seven questions you are asked while you compete this week for our cash prize and an esteemed place in our leaderboard of “The Walking Dead’s” smartest prophets. Other questions you must tackle: Will Rick and/or Carl fire a gun in this episode? Which main character will be killed off? Which recurring character? Etc. See our current odds on all answers. 

Each question is worth 100 betting points — except one. You are permitted one special bet of 200 points.  Should you wager it on the longshot odds above? If you bet 200 points on answer #4 at 20 to 1 odds and turn out to be correct, you will earn 4,000 game points. (That’s 200 points x 20 = 4,000 total points). These are the risks you take as you attempt to take on our current leaderboard frontrunners:

So give it a try. Log in to our prediction center by CLICKING HERE. Choose “The Walking Dead” box, then scroll down the page and begin answering the prediction questions. When you’re finished and the TV episode is over, we’ll send you an email with your score and we’ll keep you updated after that.

Or scroll down and make your first prediction using our easy drag-and-drop menu. Don’t worry, you can keep changing your predictions right up until show time. But we urge you not to wait till then. 

Why? Because your predictions will factor into our official racetrack odds that are pored over by other “Walking Dead” fans and TV execs in Hollywood who want to know what you think when predicting TV show plus the Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammys.

At Gold Derby, you can predict all aspects of Hollywood competition. 

Below, get started with your picks for “The Walking Dead” by predicting who will die on the next episode while you use our easy drag-and-drop menu. After addressing that question, remember to keep going and answer the next six questions, too. You earn precious points for all of them.

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