Gold Derby’s Paul Sheehan tops all Experts predicting Tony Awards nominations

Gold Derby’s very own Paul Sheehan was best among our 13 Experts in predicting the 2014 Tony Awards nominations that were announced Tuesday. He achieved 95% correct (essentially a perfect score based on the explanation below).

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Michael Musto (Out) was in second place with 90%.

The third spot is a tie between Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby), Matt Windman (amNY), and Wayman Wong (Talkin’ Broadway) with 89%.

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Melissa Bernardo (Entertainment Weekly), Andy Humm (Gay USA) and Martin Denton (NY Theatre) tied for sixth with 84% accuracy.

Up next are Andy Lefkowitz (Theatermania) and Thom Geier (Entertainment Weekly) at 83%.

Roger Friedman (Showbiz 411) and Doug Strassler (NY Press) then tied at 78% correct.

The last spot is held by David Sheward (TheaterLife) at 76%.

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The rules allowed for five nominees in three of the four production categories (both Play races and Best Musical) as they were packed with more than nine contenders. However, the vote tally from the 46 members of the nominating committee was only close enough in the Best Play race to merit five nominees. So, anyone who predicted four of those five scored perfect in that category.

Conversely, with only four musical revivals eligible, that category did not need to have a full complement and the remounting of the 1998 production of “Cabaret” was snubbed by the committee. Unfortunately, as our prediction center was set up to expect four nominees in this category, it is not possible to score perfect here. Hence, the slew of users who scored 95% despite predicting ALL the nominees.

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Click here for a breakdown of all top scorers. To see how we fared predicting each category, click here.

Collectively, the Experts were best overall with 85%, followed by the Editors with 78%, and the Users with 74%.

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