Who bounced better: Hugh Jackman or Bobby Van? (Tony Awards poll)

That opening number to the Tony Awards that saw host Hugh Jackman bounce his way along 53rd Street, into Radio City and onstage was the work of choreographer Warren Carlyle. As he explained, “One of the things I love about Hugh is how physical he is. He loves to dance.” 

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He says he was inspired by Bobby Van‘s scene-stealing number in the 1953 MGM musical “Small Town Girl,” Jackman was hopping for four minutes, through the lobby, down the stairs, backstage where he greeted, among others, Sting, Clint Eastwood and Neil Patrick Harris, before before making his way onstage to sing a few bars of “Take Me to Broadway,” which Van crooned later in the picture.  

Carlyle was not just working behind the scenes as he also picked up a Tony for his work on “After Midnight,” in which he recreated the revues that made the Cotton Club the place to be in New York during the Jazz Age.

Take a look below at both versions and vote for which one gave you the biggest bounce. 

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