Meet our Tony predictions contest winner: Dillon Rosenblatt

Congrats to Dillon Rosenblatt, who won Gold Derby’s Tony Awards predictions contest with an impressive score of 89%. That means he picked 23 out of 26 categories correctly – one more than our smartest Experts. (See his full predix here, our leaderboard here.) His prize: $100 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Rosenblatt’s three mistakes: he opted for Mare Winningham (“Casa Valentina”) over Sophie Okonedo (“Raisin in the Sun”) for Best Featured Actress and, like most of our Experts, chose “Twelfth Night” over “Raisin in the Sun” for Best Play Revival and Director. His most impressive correct prediction was tapping “Beautiful” for Best Sound Design of a Musical over heavily favored “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” How did he know?

“That was one of my gut picks,” he crows to Gold Derby. “I thought that since it wasn’t going to win best musical, it would win one of the smaller awards and the music was great!”

Rosenblatt, age 21, lives in New Jersey and attends college in Arizona. 

Best Tony Awards experts: Thom Geier (EW), Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil & Paul Sheehan

“I am normally really big in TV and movies so I have been predicting Emmys, Golden Globes and Oscars mainly for years now and have hosted events for each one where I am always the winner for predictions amongst my friends,” he adds. “This was my first year picking the Tonys mainly because I just started getting into theater. My friend and I host an entertainment radio show for Arizona State University so we went over the nominees as soon as they came out and I picked the winners based on buzz they were receiving, personal opinion and occasionally went with my gut. I usually go with the Oscars approach of seeing everything nominated, but that would have been extremely expensive. Haha, but thank you!”

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