Poll: Will ‘True Detective’ finale twists turn into Emmy win?

The first season of the anthology series “True Detective” concluded its eight-episode run on HBO Sunday night. And our message boards have been buzzing with the pros and cons as to how the mystery was (and wasn’t) resolved. Join in the debate here and vote in our poll below. 

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Our savvy posters also cast an eye on the show in terms of its potential at this summer’s Emmy Awards. With the reinstatement of the separate Miniseries category, it is all but certain to reap a bid there. However, what of the leads — newly minted Oscar champ Matthew McConaughey and Emmy winner Woody Harrelson. They have to contend in the combined category of TV Movie/Miniseries Actor. 

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Before casting your ballot in that competitive race, which you can find at the bottom of this post, take a gander at a few of the choice comments. 

DamianWayne:  I dare any horror film coming out this year to top this. Wow. This is gonna clean house come Emmy time and it will be glorious.

Icky: The finale was very conventional. A paint by numbers wrap up to the season that didn’t really elevate the show or end this particular story on a powerful or subversive note. Furthermore, it was ridiculous. It brought the whole thing down a couple of pegs. 

Nessie: I only discovered McConaughey last year when I saw Mud – a brilliant and moving performance. Then he does DBC and now this – which is the best acting I’ve ever seen, nobody else even comes close (though Woody is wonderful). I was expecting as bleak an ending as the whole show has been and was actually shocked by how it ended. But the beautiful sequence at the end stunned me. McConaughey actually had me in tears (and I’m a hard cry) telling the story about his daughter. The Emmys had better get prepared for another McConaughey stemwinder! 

eastwest: I don’t think this is reinventing the wheel television in the slightest. Like how many has said “House of Cards” is “Boss” with a budget, this is a more sinister and soulful “Justified”. This continues Matthew McConaughey’s awe-inspiring career evolution and continues Woody Harrelson’s great unsung work. I have to say that the real stars of this show is the duo behind the scenes, Cary Joji Fukunaga (that long take alone should win him everything) and Nic Pizzolatto. Talk about a great collaboration!

Tye-Grr: LOVED IT. I will be rewatching this series for years to come. So brilliant on every single level, from writing, directing, cinematography, acting, to the production design, costumes, use of setting, music and sound. The finale was very satisfying, and I actually appreciated that they didn’t magically solve the entire mystery. That’s real life. Harrelson and McConaughey are both so brilliant on this show. If I could have only one Emmy wish, it would be that they tie for Lead Actor. Both deserve it. That being said, I have a feeling it’s McConaughey’s to lose, and I wouldn’t mind him winning at all. I’m so sad this season is over. I looked forward to every Sunday night to catch this show. I’m hoping the next season can somehow equal this one’s incredible journey.

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