Emmy prediction: 5 reasons why ‘Veep’ will stage a coup

In the Emmy race for Best Comedy Series, the safe money is on “Modern Family” with 27/20 odds for obvious reasons: it’s won the last four years and it just had a buzzed season that included a gay wedding and a wacky trip to Las Vegas. However, there’s a chance that “Veep” (6/1 odds) will stage the ultimate coup d’etat. I’m actually the only Gold Derby editor predicting it will become Emmy’s commander-in-chief. Here’s why:

1. It’s on message:
This show has the right pedigree. Emmy voters like programs with an aura of importance: “Veep” being about politicos walking around in suits, created by Oscar nominee Armando Iannucci, airing on  HBO caters to the snob appeal of the academy perfectly.

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2. It has a strong candidate:
Headlining the show is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is a beloved TV comedy icon. She was recently inducted into the TV Hall of Fame and has four Emmys to her name. There is arguably no woman working in TV today as celebrated or respected in the industry. Being at the center of the show boosts its credentials with voters. When speaking with Gold Derby, she commented on her awards legacy saying, “The whole thing is just so bizarre, who woulda thunk it?” It’s nice to be in the company of those awesome ladies.”

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3. It has a strong ticket:
Yes, ensemble programs usually win this prize, but “Veep” has actually built up its credentials as a team show. It recently broke into the SAG Awards category for ensembles. Tony Hale won the Emmy for supporting actor in 2013. This year “Veep” has reaped as many acting nominations as “Modern Family.” Tony Hale told Gold Derby that the “Veep” long rehearsal schedule is conducive for strong ensemble work: “He [Iannucci] sets up the playground, but then he allows us to play in there; and that’s all an actor can ask for. It’s an ego-free environment. It’s very collaborative and Julia is obviously a huge team player.”

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4. It has landed key battleground races:
Season One of “Veep” landed three Emmy nominations. Season Two scored five. This season we saw it jump up to 9 nominations. Most importantly, it just broke into the writing category and that’s key because a program usually needs a bid for writing and/or directing in order to take the top trophy. Star Matt Walsh told Gold Derby, “I think the third season has sort of penetrated a little deeper. It feels like there’s some momentum to the show. I get recognised a little more in airports.”

5. Excellent episode entries:
“Veep” submitted six very strong episodes to judges in the comedy series race. See the full list here.


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