Watch: Clive Standen bears all on ‘Vikings’

Clive Standen has endured a lot of physical challenges while portraying fearless warrior Rollo on “Vikings.”

“I’m fighting with no armor, with my top off, running and screaming, jumping over shield walls, rolling in the dirt and rowing a long boat,” he says in our webcam chat. Standen enjoys the intensive action. “I think it adds to the drama when you get to see the real guys in the thick of things.” 

As an actor, Standen also faced strenuous challenges emotionally during season two as Rollo dared to rebel against his brother Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) as Viking leader, then surrender and agree to be a loyal supporter.

“He’s been in his brother’s shadow for too long,” he says. “Rollo thinks power and recognition will make him happy,” but when he realizes his mistake, he rediscovers the importance of family.

Standen is a contender in the Emmy race for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.




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