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Who is the best film actress under 30?

Tye-Grr: Shailene Woodley. Ever since her Golden Globe nominated breakout role in ‘The Descendants’ opposite George Clooney as his foul mouthed, rebellious teen daughter, Woodley has shown again and again that she is incapable of delivering a false emotional note. She’s so good at conveying what her characters are thinking and feeling that she makes it look easy, and is probably the least “actorly” of her contemporaries.

Macbeth: Anna Kendrick is a very special actress – she isn’t a conventional bombshell, but she has some of the biggest talents out of any actress working today. She can sing, dance and act. She is equally apt at comedy and drama, and can play almost any type of character. She’s been nominated for a Tony Award and an Oscar, and it is just a matter of time before she is in the winner’s circle. She just needs to right role to catapault her to that win, and I have no doubt she will get that role very soon.

nkb325: Emma Stone. I’ve already thought she was Oscar worthy twice in her relatively brief career, in Easy A and The Help. In the first, she’s funny, sexy, warm, charming, and can pull off the drama just as well. In that movie she can move from comedy to drama, from confident to crushingly insecure in one scene, frequently in one line. I haven’t seen a performance of hers I haven’t been impressed with, and I can’t wait to see her in Birdman. I’m glad she might finally be getting her Oscar due.

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ETPhoneHome: I would say Mia Wasikowska. She has shown that she can do a full range of performances, and has such a wonderfully subtle acting style that excels beyond her years. I also think that her continued prominence in excellent indie films, like Stoker and The Double, shows that she is more concerned with the quality of the film than she is about the pay check.

MysteriousRent: I feel like Keira Knightley is the only real answer. She is a fully formed actress and movie star, who has already shown to have staying power and range. I am not always a fan, but she has achieved a level that none of these others (with the possible exception of Jennifer Lawrence) have sniffed.

Espeon: Rooney Mara has been making some pretty great choices in my opinion. I loved “The Social Network”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “Her” which she was great in all of them. I’m really hopeful for “Trash” and “Pan”.

‘The Voice’ knockout rounds

Atypical: Nice second round of the Knockouts, though little was accomplished in only an hour’s installment. Not surprised that Taylor’s “Mad World” beat out Troy’s “Hey Ya!” performance. Gwen made a good call there. One song interpretation felt timeless, while the other came off as novelty. I wasn’t that taken by either of the females last night, but I guess Adam’s choice was the better of the two. The shocker of the night had to be Pharrell’s decision to keep Elyjah on instead of Ricky, who did a flawless version of “Wrecking Ball” that should have been an easy call to make as the victor. Gwen snatched him up fairly quickly and rightfullly so.

24Emmy: I’m pleased. My five favorites have all cracked the top twenty. Pharrell Williams screwed up twice (really letting Taylor Phelan go? He’s probably going to win). Adam LevineDamien and Taylor Phelan. Gwen StefaniRicky Manning and Taylor John Williams. Blake SheltonJames David Carter.

moviefan61794: Going ahead, of those we’ve seen so far, I’m rooting for DaNica, Ricky, Luke and Taylor (all originally from Team Pharrell, but now split amongst three teams). I’m excited next week for performances from Chris Jamison and Beth Spangler, and hopefully a few artists I haven’t paid much attention to yet.

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Superhero movie overload

AMG: In the last two weeks, DC & Marvel have unveiled a slate of 19 films running up to 2020. I feel that it’s a case of too many. It could end up being great, and most being good, but the likelihood is half will be quite crap. Superhero films seem destined to be how I view horror and ‘vengeance’ action films now. When there was one, maybe two, a year, they are great, but then all of a sudden there’s loads every year and they all become so diluted, unoriginal and roll into one long borefest that it kills off the excitement to see any of them in the first place.

KyleBailey: This is just a polarizing amount of movies in the next 5 years. I love a good superhero movie but I don’t like them all put together like this. Let these franchises breath. I know actors age and everything but hold on to these other new projects and let the current ones fizzle out

DominicCobb: I agree there is an overload and the quality is debatable but at least Marvel is trying to subvert the genre tropes with their films and make stuff that are as much superhero movies as other things (Cap 2 is political thriller, Guardians is a sci-fi comedy, etc.).

Grammy Awards pop field predictions

MadsonMelo: I believe Sam Smith and Sia will fight for Pop Solo and Pop Album, it’s their to lose. Pop/Duo Group is a question I can’t answer, but I agree that it’s Katy Perry‘s biggest shot at a Grammy. Pop Traditional Album belongs to Miss Streisand, she’s on fire.

Troy: Oh come on, people. Let’s be serious; Katy Perry is NOT winning a Grammy this year. Not at all. I actually would not be surprised if she received no nominations this time around.

mikeboy898: I sadly don’t see Sia winning (let alone even being nominated for) Pop Album. The album is incredible, albeit not really well-known outside of her loyal fans (yours truly included).  Pop Solo is definitely a viable category for her though and I think the frontrunners to be nominated/win are definitely “Stay With Me” and “Chandelier.” I think BANKS would fare way better in Alternative. She has zero chance at getting a nomination in pop; it’s just too competitive. Same goes with Lana althoug her odds are a little better. Ultraviolence is just not pop to me.

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