Zosia Mamet on being voice of audience in ‘Girls’ (Exclusive Video)

During our recent webcam chat (watch below), Zosia Mamet readily admitted that her character on “Girls” had a turbulent time during the recently concluded third season of the HBO laffer: “Shoshanna really got her first slap in the face … at the beginning of the season being so wild and crazy and then halfway through realizing her actions have consequences.” As she explained: “She ruined this wonderful relationship that she had and that she wasn’t graduating from school because of all these choices she had made. And I think that can be a big realization for someone in their early twenties.”

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The actress revealed that her character “on paper reads as this incredibly one dimensional human being … and what’s so exciting about playing her is the challenge of bringing her to life … keeping her human and keeping her real and keeping those dimensions inside of her as opposed to playing her as a ditzy fast talking brunette.” Mamet believes “there are reasons that she operates the way that she does and those might be on the darker underbelly of who she is and she’s not just a smiley fast talker.”

She thinks her biggest scene of the season came in the “Beach House” episode when Shoshanna unleashed on her friends. “I remember reading that scene at our table read and being terrified because it was so opposite to the character I played for so long. She was finally having this moment of being able to let loose all of that vibrating tension that is in her all the time that makes her talk so fast and it felt like a wonderful comeuppance for her to get to explode like that. But it was also definitely scary the thought of keeping this character that is so tightly wound and yet allowing her to have this outbreak.” She realized that the scene allowed her to speak on behalf of the audience: “She said so many things that I think a lot of us had thought about these characters along the way that nobody ever voices.”

Will Mamet finally break through with an Emmy nomination for Supporting Comedy Actress? After watching our chat, use the easy drag-and-drop menu below to make your predictions.

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