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Zachespnfan: I really hope Neil Patrick Harris does a better job here than he did at the 2013 Emmy Awards. That ceremony was pretty much a train wreck and wholly unenjoyable. I am not sure what to make of NPH as a host anymore.  He is a true showman and great performer, but at this point I am tired of his song and dance routine every time he hosts. The problem is it works at a show like the Tony’s where song and dance truly are celebrated. Not so much at the Emmy awards or the Oscars. Honestly sometimes it feels more like a look at me stunt then it does a neccessary part of the show he is hosting, non Tony awards. Or it feels like the show itself becomes more about what he can do than the nominees and winners.

Etchie: Anna Kendrick is performing “something special.” My guess, Kendrick will perform the Into the Woods edited out Witch song “She’ll Be Back.”

Noe: Oh no. Not this again. Another musical lovefest from this producers… The Academy didn’t even like Into the Woods!

AMG: Jennifer Hudson added as a performer. Yes ANOTHER one. Seriously, is NPH actually gonna be doing anything? It’s got a shed load of performers so far, including the Best Song nominees. Add that to all the awards that need to be dished out, this is going to stretch for about 6 hours!

Junk: Please NOOOO to the musical/music tributes!! It awfully tedious to sit through those performances. Haven’t we had enough of those the last couple of years with the musical tributes to James Bond and Chicago and Wizard of Oz?? I was dreading NPH will make it the drag-iest Oscars with his love for music numbers. It works wonders for Tonys but it really doesn’t gel much with movies. So just do the damn monologue, maybe do ONE song and dance sequence in the middle and that should be about it. 

Grigoris White: Oh, dear Lord. Let’s take it from the start. Five Best Original Song nominees + Jack Black, Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Hudson & Lady Gaga performing. That’s 9, and it’s rounded up to a fine 10, if we include the musical number that the host will do. So, 10. TEN Musical Numbers. With 24 categories to present. (With horrible choices for presenters, btw. Dakota Johnson? Seriously? John Travolta? What is this, 1980?) Plus, the special awards. Plus, the SciTech Awards tribute. Plus the monologue. It’s going to run for four hours, isn’t it? Why can’t they make a normal show for once?

taloson: Unless all these artists are performing We Are the World 2015 together or something, I am not looking forward to all of these musical performances. This is gonna be so bloated while the acceptance speeches will probably be rushed like never before.

Better Call Saul’ debut reviews – Click here to discuss

ThemeParks4Life: EXCELLENT premiere of Better Call Saul! While I wouldn’t say it was as good as Breaking Bad‘s pilot (I never expected it to be), it established itself as it’s own show. As far as the Emmys go, I feel comfortable in saying that unless something else pops up, Vince Gilligan is locked for Directing. Fantastic shots and direction by him. This would also make a winning submission for Bob Odenkirk, keep your eye out.

Nessie: Underwhelmed so far, we’ll see if it improves. I’m wondering if Saul isn’t a character who is dynamite in a supporting role but quickly becomes tiresome if he’s on camera too much.

thedemonhog: Odenkirk can really act, but it feels like he is not really doing anything that he was not on Breaking Bad; there is just more of him.  I wonder if screen time will be enough to get the academy to switch from not voting for him to voting for him.  When it came to Giancarlo Esposito and Jonathan Banks, it felt more like they took their roles to new places when they were nominated.  Am I crazy or did anyone else get this vibe?

DominicCobb: Fantastic premiere. Loving this show so far. Odenkirk’s doing a lot more dramatic stuff and is firmly in the spotlight, so I do see this as taking his role to a new place and wouldn’t be surprised with an Emmy nom.

Adam Rock: I have a hard time believing that Odenkirk will get in just simply based on competition and the fact they’ve never really shown support for him before. I think airtime certainly helps him here though, as he was in practically every scene last night which is something we haven’t seen him do before. I’m very curious to see how the Emmys take to this show as I think it is certainly good enough to compete but will be hard in a stacked Drama category.

‘The Slap’ miniseries on NBC
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PianoMann: The only thing I disliked about the premiere of The Slap was the intrusive and unnecessary narration. Otherwise, I thought this was an engaging and carefully crafted introduction to the miniseries. Sure, many of the characters are varying degrees of irritating, but I think that’s partially intentional: it’s hard to craft a story with no clear good guys and villains, i.e. if Zachary Quinto was the only aggressive, annoying, and angry character.

Boidiva02: As far as the writing goes, I think they did a fantastic job of establishing the characters and their various quirks. This seems to be a show that has a lot of subtext and I feel we’ll see that built up over the next weeks. To me, the stand outs so far were Zachary Quinto and Peter Sarsgaard. I have a feeling we’ll see the other characters get juicer arcs as the series progresses, especially Melissa George and the man playing her husband.

EmmyLoser: I totally agree about the narration, which was one of the two things that bothered me. It was just unnecessary, and instead of letting you be in the story, it was like reminding you that there was a writer there. The other issue for me was that all of the characters and everything that was happening felt so out of proportion.  I’m sorry, not everything, but a lot of things. I don’t mind characters being annoying, and it’s true, it is hard to create situation where there are no clear good or bad guys. I appreciate that there was balance, but it was like balancing with too much on every side.

KyleBailey: I like this cast but I don’t know how I feel about the show. I’ll let it continue until I have a firm opinion.

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