Adele says ‘Hello’ again: Watch her video and tell us if she’ll return to Grammy glory

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Adele has released her first new song and music video in three years, titled “Hello” (watch it below). Her new album, “25,” will follow on November 20. Will she resume her pop music dominance right where she left off?

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It’s been a while since Adele dominated pop music. She released her sophomore album “21” in 2011. That collection went on to become one of the biggest hits of the 21st century, winning seven Grammys over two years, including Album of the Year, and being certified 11-times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. She followed that up with the title song from the James Bond spy thriller “Skyfall,” which won her an Oscar in 2012.

That’s quite a lot to live up to. Does her new song rise to that occasion? Read some of the comments of our forum posters below, and click here to join the discussion.

Kadu335: Her vocals are perfect on this… definitely what stands out the most for me! I gotta say I didn’t love it as much as her previous first singles (LOVE both “Chasing Pavements” and “Rolling in the Deep“), but it’s a great song still. The video also sets the mood perfectly and complements the song very well.

Jamesgray: The lyrics are the weakest part of the song, but her vocals are incredible and the video is stunning.

Moviefan61794: Oh my gosh, that chorus. Her voice soars. YES. Obviously, her best music video yet. The roll-out this week was done perfectly: everyone has been waiting for news, then we get it all at once. She’s the talk of the town right now and it’ll stay that way until the album is released, for sure. Love the song. Love the video. LOVE THIS WOMAN. I cannot wait for the “25” era.

Atypical: The song, Adele’s vocals on THAT chorus, and Xavier Dolan‘s stunning direction of this video? Slayed! Done. Finished! Go home, lessers.

PoweR: I like it. It’s no “Rolling in the Deep,” but it’s good enough for a first single and I see there being some top-10 success with it. I loved that she went a bit out for this video by getting a love interest that is in the forefront (shouts out to Mack Wilds). I wonder if “Hello” will debut at number-one with everything working out in its favor (sales, streaming and airplay).

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Photos: Adele. Credit: Brian J. Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX

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