Alison Bechdel and Tony winning ‘Fun Home’ producers on possibility of a film (Video)

“There’s definitely been interest in a film,” said “Fun Home” producer Kristin Caskey, addressing the press with fellow producers Barbara Whitman and Mike Isaacson after winning the Tony for Best Musical. “It’s really just trying to figure out what’s best for it … [Alison Bechdel, who wrote the graphic memoir on which the musical was based,] was approached quite often about doing a film, and at that point sort of loved the idea of theater because if it was bad it would just go away, so I think now with the result of this she might be open to putting it down on film.”

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Bechdel soon joined the producers on the press room stage and described the experience of turning her life story into a Broadway show. “I haven’t really been able to make sense of it yet,” she said, “even though I’ve had a lot of time to get used to it. It’s incredible. It’s a very personal story. I wasn’t telling that story for anyone but myself really. I couldn’t imagine who the audience for it would be, so to find that it has connected with a really big audience is deeply gratifying.”

Below, watch their complete press Q&A:

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