Colin Hanks and Sean Stuart dish new documentary ‘All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records’ (Exclusive Video)

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“I knew Tower Records was from Sacramento,” admits Colin Hanks when we talked in a recent webcam chat (watch below) about the extent of his knowledge of the retail chain when he started exploring the subject of his acclaimed new documentary “All Things Must Pass” about the subject. His interest was piqued when “a friend mentioned in passing how [Tower founder] Russ Solomon got started selling used 78s out of his father’s drug store in 1941.”

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Hanks was joined by his producing partner Sean Stuart as they talked candidly about how the film was crafted. “We wanted to make sure that the film had a soundtrack that represented the depth of Tower’s catalog along with following the eras that Tower lived. That was one of the exciting things about watching this movie come together.”

They hope that the film’s subject and characters will resonate with viewers the way it has with critics. It scored a jaw-dropping 96 at Rotten Tomatoes (which scores on a pass/fail basis) and a respectable 72 on the sliding scale at MetaCritic.

“With documentaries, there is a stigma that they need to be incredibly important films,” Hanks admits when talking about securing financing for the film. He reveals that potential investors “would say that no one cares about a company that went bankrupt. But we felt what we were doing meant something and we hope that comes across with this little film.”

As for the Oscar campaign being mounted for the film, Hanks exclaims, “You’re looking at it!” He clarifies that being a small independent film leaves little to be spent on a formal campaign but that he hopes that the academy looks favorably at the film. “It also helps that we start with the letter A.”

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Hanks is no stranger to awards consideration. Last year he received nominations for Movie/Mini Supporting Actor at the Emmys, Golden Globes and Critics Choice TV Awards for his work in “Fargo.” He describes the experience as very surreal but fun. However he admits to having more fun at this year’s Emmys since he wasn’t under the added pressure of being a nominee.

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