Drama Guest Actress Emmy submissions: Allison Janney, Cicely Tyson, Diana Rigg …

At the Emmys, nominated actors and actresses must choose one episode to submit to voters that they believe represents their best work from the past TV season. While lead and supporting performers select an episode following nomination, guest stars must name their submissions on the Emmy ballot. Thus, we already know what episodes voters will be required to watch. Scroll down to see these entries for Best Drama Actress.

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One is nominated for a memorable one-off appearance. The other five play recurring characters that figured more prominently in a past season or two. Interestingly enough, two have fewer than three minutes of screen time each in their submitted episodes.

Khandi Alexander, “Scandal
Her cameo appearance in the submission “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” marks his first of four appearances as convict Maya Pope on Season 4. She previously appeared in 11 episodes of the third season.

Official ballot description: “Maya thinks her troubles are over now that Olivia is on the case. She’s shocked when her baby girl orders Fitz and Jake to have Mama Maya charged for murder, terrorism and treason to start.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 50/1

Rachel Brosnahan, “House of Cards
Her submission “Chapter 39” (the Season 3 finale) marks her fourth of four appearances as Rachel Posner this season. She previously appeared in 15 episodes across the first two seasons.

Official ballot description: “Stamper tracks down Rachel where she’s working, living in a halfway  house, trying to start her new life. Stamper abducts her. She wakes up and pleads for her life, and he ultimately frees her. Driving away, something shifts and Stamper turns around. Cut to dirt being shoveled onto her face.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 50/1

Allison Janney, “Masters of Sex
Her submission “Parallax” marks her only appearance this season as housewife Margaret Scully. She won last year for her six appearances in the first season.

Official ballot description: “Margaret returns as a woman both sexually awakened and dissatisfied with the marriage that has stolen the last thirty years from her. When Barton tries to make love to her, things go terribly wrong. Barton, despondent, attempts suicide, but Margaret and their daughter Vivian  save him.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 10/1

Margo Martindale, “The Americans
Her submission “I am Abassin Zadran” marks her only (cameo) appearance this season as KGB handler Claudia. She made 10 appearances in the first season and three in the second and was nominated for both.

Official ballot description: “Claudia returns to counsel Gabriel. Now that Paige knows the family secret, Gabriel confesses concern regarding the mission. Instead of pressing, Claudia reveals the Centre’s devastation when the last teenage recruit murdered his family. Her faith in the mission remains strong, but the weight of turning Paige weighs on her.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 50/1

Diana Rigg, “Game of Thrones
Her submission “The Gift” marks her second of two appearances this season as royal matriarch Olenna Tyrell. This is her third consecutive nomination for the role, having played it previously in nine episodes across the third and fourth seasons of the show.

Official ballot description: “Olenna returns to the capital to aid her granddaughter, the Queen, in the struggle against the jealous Queen Mother. Yet Olenna soon discovers that the most dangerous foe isn’t a rival house, but a man who can’t be bought.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 33/1

Cicely Tyson, “How to Get Away with Murder
Her submission “Mama’s Here Now” on the freshman ABC drama marks her only appearance thus far as mother Ophelia Hartness.

Official ballot description “Annalise is wracked with guilt and turns to an unlikely source for help, her mother, Ophelia Hartness.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 1/5

Complete list of Emmy nominations

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