Allison Williams dishes ‘Peter Pan’ risks and ‘Girls’ relationships (Exclusive Video)

During our recent webcam chat (watch below), Allison Williams reveals she was introduced to the world of acting as a little girl when she watched a tape of the TV version of the musical “Peter Pan” with Broadway vet Mary Martin in the title role. When she saw that Captain Hook and Mr. Darling were both played by Cyril Ritchard, “it occured to me that that was a job you could have, that you could be that one human being that plays different people, puts on different costumes. So It was definitely part of what fueled me to become an actor. Because that just looked like the most fun in the world; as it is, I can now say.”

On playing the boy who never grows up on “Peter Pan: Live,” the actress admits, “It was the hardest I ever worked on anything, harder than getting into college… I was just firing on all cylinders, exhausted at the end of every day, sore, aching but blissfully happy the entire time. It was the best.” 

On the night, she decided to attempt a triple spin. “I’d never done three in a row and I was up on the crows nest and I thought, ‘You know what? screw it. I’m never gonna get the chance to do it again.’ So I went for a third and got tangled in some part of my harness in trying to do the third flip but I don’t think anyone else can notice that… It went remarkably smoothly… It’s a total miracle that something ghastly didn’t happen; we had all things in place, like if I get stuck… this huge safely procedure of getting me down… we were ready for the worst things to happen and it just went smoothly. And i think it was because we were having so much fun.”

Demanding roles are not new to Williams. “On ‘Girls’ I do, how do I say this delicately, some pretty challenging things in other arenas, in the bedroom or in the kitchen this season specifically.” In the fifth season of the show her character Marnie embarked on a musical career and a relationship with Desi. For the first time, her character “was being confronted with success and wondering whether or not that actually fixes anything or if it just brings to light some of the deeper seeded issues that she’s always had all along.”

The season concluded with Desi proposing to Marnie, her friend (and occasional lover) Ray telling Desi he doesn’t deserve her, and Desi not showing up for a gig leaving Marnie to perform on her own. What will happen next? “I don’t even know that answer to that question, which makes it easer to play. Because in life you don’t know where relationships are headed “so why should I know where hers is going, as if I’m omniscient.”

Williams is submitted for both TV Movie/Mini Actress for “Peter Pan: Live” and Comedy Supporting Actress for “Girls.” Make your Emmy predictions and you could win one of our three prizes ($500, $300 and $200 Amazon gift certificates) as well as a place of honor on our leaderboard and a starring role in next year’s Top 24 Users (the two dozen folks who do the best predicting this year’s Emmys line-up).

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