Watch ‘American Crime’ stars discuss hot button drama: Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, …

American Crime” fans, did you miss any of our exclusive chats with the cast and crew of ABC’s provocative drama? We’ve listed them all below for your viewing pleasure, including our interviews with Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Regina King, Elvis Nolasco, Benito Martinez, Caitlin Gerard and producer Michael McDonald.

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Felicity Huffman on playing a grieving, racist mother: “She’s damaged goods … she’s damaged by her past … People ask me how do you play someone like that. I think as an actor you always have to find what you can endorse. As a person, and you know Barb is dedicated to being as good a mother as she can be.”

Timothy Hutton reflects on the end of his character’s journey: “Russ tries really for the last time. Something about that scene and the way we approached it … showed so much of two people’s disconnect, their history and finally in a way a kind of forgiveness that happens at the end of that scene … it ends in an embrace and she says ‘let go.’”

Regina King on opening people’s eyes through more diverse television: “I want [television] to look like and feel like more of the world that I’m in … I think we live so much through TV that it would help those people whose lives aren’t as colorful be more colorful, or more sensitive to differences.”

Elvis Nolasco on playing a lost soul accused of murder: “I was trying to find the truth and the vulnerability of the character … and I was able to tap into the unfulfilled need of Carter Nix. I always envisaged Carter Nix as this young man who is walking the face of this Earth with a huge, huge hole inside of him. This huge void, that he’s trying to, by any means necessary, figure out a way to fill this emptiness.”

Benito Martinez on turning his character’s world view upside down: “These are rules that will get him by and solve all his problems, and of course when these problems happen, these rules don’t apply, these rules don’t work. Being completely honest is not the right way sometimes.”

Caitlin Gerard on being on the cusp of societal change: “We are our most honest selves when we’re on the precipice of change. It mirrors society … [and as] we as a country are going through a very self-reflective state, this show is a natural reaction to us being more honest with ourselves.”

Michael McDonald on the challenges of bringing such a hot-button show to television: “There were significant roadblocks that were institutional. But luckily we had Paul Lee, the head of the network, who was so supportive of what we wanted to do, and he was able to clear away a lot of those roadblocks, or help us navigate them. … Deliver what you want to do, and let us see what we can get on the air.”

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