Top 13 scariest stories at Emmys event saluting ‘American Horror Story’ women

The women of “American Horror Story” let loose with frightening on-set stories as they were honored Tuesday night at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood during an Emmys event hosted by the TV Academy. Cast members Kathy Bates, Jamie Brewer, Connie Britton, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Gabourey Sidibe were joined on stage by producers Jennifer Salt and Alexis Martin Woodall and moderator Debra Birnbaum.

Below, find out the 13 scariest tales told by the scream queens of “AHS”:

Sarah Paulson: I want TWO Emmys for my two heads! (Exclusive Video)

*The departing Jessica Lange — who’s described as “tough” and “scary as hell” on set — is the reason Bates got a meeting with creator Ryan Murphy and joined the franchise.

*Bates confesses that she felt uncomfortable with the violence surrounding her character Delphine LaLaurie in “Coven,” especially since her great-grandfather may have crossed paths with the real woman generations ago as they had neighboring plantations.

*When Brewer says that she’s proud to have played Lange’s only daughter, Paulson snaps back that she also got to play her daughter in “Coven” and the two then have a brief sisterly quarrel on stage.

*Britton — whose scariest scene was when her character died while giving birth — desperately wants to return to the series, but scheduling is tough because of her job on “Nashville.”

*Paulson praises “Asylum” as the best season and Lana Winters as her favorite character because of her strength and determination.

*There were plans for Bette and Dot Tattler to die at the end of “Freak Show,” but producers changed their minds before the final curtain call; thus, Paulson is the only main star to never die in any season.

*Rabe reveals that she loved playing both the sweet and possessed versions of Sister Mary Eunice in “Asylum” and that she was happy she got to put the habit back on for “Freak Show.”

*Sidibe recounts a frightening story from the Papa Legba episode of “Coven” in which she felt the presense of a real spirit that caused her lips to swell and a light to shatter.

*Salt commends Murphy as the reason there are so many strong women in the “AHS” universe, saying it’s “what he lives for.”

*Woodall applauds the “Violet is dead” reveal from Season 1 as one of the greatest moments in the show’s history.

*Bates jokes that the beard she wore in “Freak Show” was not itchy but instead as soft as a hummingbird nest.

*Rabe admits she was so nervous to film her scenes with Stevie Nicks in “Coven” that the superstar told Rabe to hold her hand while on set.

*Sidibe believes she’s part psychic because she predicted Paulson would play a two-headed character long before the announcement was made public.

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