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‘American Horror Story: Freak Show” season finale – Click here to discuss

Bebe: I thought the finale did a good job tying the season up in a “nice little bow” (miles better than last year’s finale). If this was the last we’ll see of Jessica Lange, I’m pretty content. This was an effective ending for Elsa (also Lange looked stunning in the “Heroes” performance). While this was overall better the “Coven,” it wasn’t better by much. I’d give this year somewhere between a B/B+.

Carlo: I would nominate just Jessica Lange and Finn Wittrock, and maybe a writing nomination for the Pepper episode. All the supporting actresses were wasted this year, especially the great Frances Conroy. Sarah Paulson might be the most deserving among them, but after amazing runs in both Asylum (robbed!) and Coven, this year she’s in a weaker position.

NateDogg: Briefly, moreso than even most Ryan Murphy creations, the show never really seemed to me to settle on what it wanted to be. I, like others on this board, was sucked into the “Mars/Jupiter” theory that somehow the aliens from Asylum would return, but, instead, it was Edward Mordrake who provided a coda to this edition of American Horror Story.

taloson: I have a feeling this is going to be the year that an American Horror Story actor doesn’t win an Emmy. Maybe Lange but this was her least memorable role by far. I think only Lange, Bates and Paulson will be nominated, though Wittrock should happen but he may still be too unknown.

Atypical: This season didn’t earn that sentimental of an ending. Elsa’s “afterlife” with her beloved freaks didn’t hit the right note with me at all. I was expecting some final twist or something shocking at the end as a penance of sorts for Elsa’s crimes, but nothing like that happened. I guess Ethel saying that famous people never have to pay for their wrongdoings makes everything okay. Meh. Dandy’s killing rampage wasn’t satisfying or interesting b/c all of those characters were secondary. Jimmy with the twins I guess is okay, and Desiree having her husband and kids. The “horror” of the season really left early on with Twisty’s death. That was a tactical error of the season with John Carroll Lynch being one of the show’s few bright spots, along with Finn Wittrock.

espnfan: If I had to give this past season of American Horror Story: Freakshow a letter grade, it would be a D or a C at the absolute highest.  There is no way I could possibly give it any higher than a C grade as so much of the season did not work. Honestly this season reached Glee levels of awful writing.  Not to mention Nip/Tuck levels of gratuitous violence and shock. There were only two or three episodes I would consider to be high quality.

Sab227: I loved the finale! There were some shaky moments throughout the season but this ended fantastically, this is now my 2nd favorite season, the 1st being Asylum!

Can Bradley Cooper REALLy win over Michael Keaton? – Click here to discuss

Macbeth: Bradley Cooper was a surprising nominee for American Sniper, and it is his third nomination. His film has been doing massive work at the box office. There are whispers circling around that he could actually win, and this terrifies me, because I am obviously a huge Michael Keaton fan. Is this just a really big case of trying to make the Oscar race exciting this year, and Keaton just wins anyway, or is Cooper a legitimate threat to win?

Eddy Q: Cooper only has a chance if no obvious frontrunner presents himself – when Marcia Gay Harden won with no televised precursor noms, all of her competition each won one of the four precursors. It literally went Hudson-Globe, McDormand-BFCA, Dench-SAG, Walters-BAFTA and finally Harden-Oscar. I love the perfection of that. No one has ever won Oscar with no precursor noms since, so for Cooper to happen, it would have to go Steve Carell for SAG and Benedict Cumberbatch for BAFTA or something like that, for the race to be wide open.

dude: Yes. I think Bradley Cooper IS this movie, and it’s tempting to honor him. He “transformed” himself into the role, which has caught the zeitgeist, it’s his third consecutive nomination, he’s killing it on Broadway, etc. Secondly, Marcia Gay Harden won because Oscar voters watched the movie; they will watch American Sniper. He has momentum. Michael Keaton was ebullient at the Golden Globes; by the Critics Choice Award, it felt like an abundance of riches.

babypook: Yes. Mr Cooper can win. Right now I’d put his odds at 33%, which is pretty good. But that could change overnight and go. His film is peaking at the right time, as apparently the the claim is that Oscar voters have short attention spans and memories (how does that explain TGBH I wonder?) but assuming this is at least partially true for some of them, there you go. And if Bradbrad wins, I will put my foot through my television set (I have four of them so what the heck) and drink another bottle of wine by myself to numb the pain. He’s ok, but he’s not as good as Timothy Spall and a couple of others that failed to generate a nomination.

rstang00: Can he win? Yes. Will he win? Possibly. I still say this is Eddie Redmayne‘s Oscar to lose but with Cooper breathing heavily down his neck – Keaton is definitely in it but I’d have him 3rd right now (and I’ve always had him second).

Did Usher get the last laugh? – Click here to join our forums chat

circa 1993: “His last album bombed”, “He reached his peak”, “His tour didn’t sell out”..those are some of the excuses many have used to discredit Usher‘s current career. But he’s currently #1 on Rhythmic radio with “I Don’t Mind”. Is Usher getting the last laugh?

PoweR: If his album bombs, then I doubt he gets the last laugh. He kept throwing out singles, so of course one would stick. However, “I Don’t Mind” will not put him back into the mega-pop stratosphere.

Gucci: Usher has sold millions of albums, has nine number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and has won eight Grammy Awards.  Usher will always have the last laugh.

Troy: Does this apply to other artists who have had flops, yet have in their prime achieved astronomical success (Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, etc..) that you constantly like to belittle and say they should “give it up” or only Usher because you stand for him? 

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