‘American Horror Story’ murders Gold Derby writer with a bloody Oscar!

American Horror Story Hotel

Thank you, Ryan Murphy & Team for killing us so perfectly on “American Horror Story: Hotel.” Not only is it an honor to be offed by Hollywood’s reigning horrormeisters, but you used the perfect murder object to bludgeon one of our bloggers: a bloody Oscar.

What a way to go! Thank you for not using a Golden Globe – we’re award snobs, of course – or one of your pointy Emmys. By the way, to quote a line from Oscar Best Picture winner “Chicago,” he had it coming. That damn blogger was always late with his copy and never used spell check.

Here’s a description of the plot set-up as described by our user Tony Ruiz: “Wes Bentley is playing a cop who is staying at the hotel while he is investigating a series of murders. A package gets delivered to the police station and it contains what appears to be an Oscar covered in blood. The cop deduces that the murders are all tied to a killer who is choosing his victims based on the Ten Commandments. In the bloggers case, thou shall not worship any graven images.” See video below.

E! Online quotes the dialog from episode 2 that mentions our fictitious contributor, citing it as one of the “LOL lines” of the show: “‘The victim was Martin Gamboa, a blogger. Wrote for that site, Gold Derby.’ – ‘AHS’ writers either giving a shoutout to the Gold Derby awards prediction bloggers who support the show, or a fun little diss to those who don’t.”

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Variety reported: “A blogger from Variety sister site Gold Derby was murdered on the show, and one has to wonder if that was personal, Ryan Murphy…”

Vicious speculation! Gold Derby adores Ryan & his creative clan and we think they should win every award on the planet, including – what the hell — the Oscar. If they lose any more Emmys, we think they should wreak revenge in a future installment down the halls of “American Horror Story: TV Academy.”

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