‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ reviews: ‘A lot of fun,’ ‘gorgeous,’ ‘disappointing’ …

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What did you think of the much-anticipated season premiere of FX’s “American Horror Story: Hotel”? At Metacritic, this fifth season of the anthology series has a score of 60 based on 24 reviews. Some of Gold Derby’s savvy readers agree with these tepid notices, while others think the critics are dead wrong.

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We asked our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, to weigh in on the season premiere. Read some of their comments below and then join the fierce debate in our red-hot forums here.

KyleBailey: This was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the eerie creepiness of this opener.

Jaqen H’ghar: This premiere had the most gorgeous production value of any episode ever. Stunning costume design, scenery, makeup, etc.

Manuelcolon: The premiere was disappointing, it had no plot, and you can just presume what will happen the rest of the season. Sarah Paulson was easily the best, she’s kinda funny, yet very serious and depressing. Still proving to be the best performer of the show. Lady Gaga‘s acting debut was so so, the sex scene was brutal, very explicit and hot, it was a turn on moment that you couldn’t help but enjoy.

patmcb: Working in the same vain as “Freak Show,” “Hotel” boasts beautifully designed production values, but the writing is once again pretty bad.

DingbatHauteur: Kathy Bates was by far the best performance of the episode. Coming in, I thought she would be just another grumpy desk clerk, but she showed stunning range. Great episode for her. Sarah Paulson was also great.

moviefan61794: Getting back to the sinister and mysterious “Murder House” and “Asylum” roots, with just a hint of “Coven” and “Freak Show” campiness has me pretty excited about this season.

The Cheshire Cat: Lady Gaga I feel fits on a show like this, everyone else was good as well. But, my one hope for this show is that this doesn’t become a rehash of “Murder House.” I notice quite a few of the same elements between the two.

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