‘American Idol’ cliffhanger: Who will be eliminated this week?

Last week, we predicted that Daniel Seavey would be sent packing on “American Idol.” But he escaped double elimination as Adanna Duru and Maddie Walker got the chop. However, according to our readers predictions, Seavey is the likeliest of the remaining nine contestants to get the boot this week.

What do you think? Make your predictions now and you could win our weekly prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate and a place of honor on our reality TV leaderboards. It’s fun and easy!

Who will win ‘American Idol’? See exclusive predictions!

I am not convinced that Seavey is on his way out. After all, he wasn’t even in the bottom three last week; that dubious distinction fell to Rayvon Owen

And Seavey has the second most Twitter followers of any of the contestants, with 36,000 subscribing to his @SeaveyDaniel feed (Jax has 38,000 fans of @Jax). 

Should I take a chance and risk my 500 point superbet on Owen — who has only 14,000 fans following @RayvonOwen — getting the boot? (You also get two super bets of 200 points each every week; the other questions are set at 100 points per.)

Let’s take a look at who our contest leaders have in their sights.

Our overall leader, Phoenix, is predicting Owen will be tossed from the show. However, Seavalle, who is in second place, expects Seavey to be axed. And both third-ranked Kyle Bailey and fourth-place finisher Denton are both predicting the end of the road for Quentin Alexander.

As of this writing, Seavey has odds of 11/8. That means if I go with him and he is given the ax, I only earn 137.5 points per 100 points bet for correctly making this prediction. Maybe I should go for a contestant with longer odds?

After all, that strategy paid off last week for WiltedYouth. He won our weekly contest and a $100 Amazon gift certificate thanks, in part, to his prediction that Walker would go home (see his complete predix). He put his 500 point bet on Walker when her odds were at 11/2, nabbing 2,750 total points and earning the top position on this week’s episode leaderboard.

So, if I bet my 500 points on either Owen or Alexander — who are both currently at 15/2 — and he turns out to be the contestant who is eliminated, I will earn a whopping 3,750 points. 

‘American Idol’ controversy: Do Twitter followers reveal boot order, eventual winner?

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