‘America’s Got Talent’ poll: Did any of the judges waste their Golden Buzzers?

America’s Got Talent” fans, now that all four of the Golden Buzzers have been used for Season 10, do YOU think any of the judges completely wasted their power? Vote in our new poll below.

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Just like in “Britain’s Got Talent,” this season’s “AGT” Golden Buzzer means that the chosen acts get to go straight through to the live shows. But did any of the judges make the wrong call? Did a better act come along later? Should they have all held out a bit longer?

As a refresher, Howie Mandel‘s Golden Buzzer Act was comedian Drew Lynch.

Howard Stern chose to save contemporary dance duo Freckled Sky.

Mel B pushed her Golden Buzzer for gospel singer Sharon Irving.

And Heidi Klum used her power on young opera singer Arielle Baril.

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