From Amy Schumer to John Oliver, a new golden age of TV comedy

inside amy schumer last week tonight with john oliver

There’s more television programming than there ever has been before, and while a glut of prestige shows like “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones” have prompted many to call this a golden age of TV drama, isn’t it also the golden age for comedy? Consider singular creative visions like Lena Dunham‘s “Girls” and Louis C.K.‘s “Louie,” or the wide variety of comedians showcasing their work on Comedy Central like Amy Schumer and “Key and Peele.” Let’s not forget the way John Oliver has taken Jon Stewart‘s model of satire to the next level on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

We asked our forum posters: Is this the best time ever for comedy on TV? Read some of their sample comments below, then click here to sound off in our forums.

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CanadianFan: I would say we are in a golden age of comedy. Setting aside any sympathies or nostalgia for the great multi-cams of long ago, right now we have razor-sharp writing in “Veep” and “Silicon Valley,” inventive sketch-shows like “Inside Amy Schumer” and “Review,” a singular vision from one of comedy’s great auteurs (“Louie”), dramedies that are tackling serious issues in a humorous way (“Looking,” “Transparent,” “Getting On“), and new platforms that can resurrect or save shows that would have been canceled a long time ago (“Arrested Development,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt“). We are also seeing a lot more diversity in the types of stories being told (“Black-ish,” “Fresh Off the Boat“).

Mikeboy898: I would agree that this is a Golden Age. It’s indeed a new age, with comedies taking many, many forms beyond the traditional multi-camera laugh tracks of yesteryear (*YAWN*).

nahborghi: You can say whatever you want about multi-cams, but the ’90s provided some of the greatest comedies of all time. Look at the nominees back then! You can’t say that they didn’t end up being all iconic shows. I struggled this year to find seven worthy TV shows to put in my predictions. I watch a lot of comedies, and they are all okay, but there are only two or three that I’d consider great.

WaltEagle: Not even close. I’m not even positive that there are three of, say, the all-time 30 greatest comedies on the air in their prime right now. Whereas in 1991 or 1986 you would have about 12 of those. And I’m allotting current shows room for improvement/legacy.

DominicCobb: I don’t think the question is “Are the greatest comedies of all time on TV right now?” but rather “Is there a greater variety of the comedy on TV right now and better opportunities for different types of comic voices to find their way onto the screen?” If it’s the latter, I most certainly agree … This is a golden age of comedy on TV.

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Photo: John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight.” Credit: HBO/Everett Collection/REX

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