Aya Cash (‘You’re the Worst’) on subverting rom com cliches and drunk seat fillers [Exclusive Video]

“I’ve never been super attracted to the likable characters, the nice girls, the more palatable people in life, so I knew there was an audience out there because I would be part of it,” says Aya Cash, which is why she wasn’t worried about her edgy romantic comedy “You’re the Worst” catching on with viewers. “You make something specific, and people respond or they don’t … the right people will find it and respond to it, and if not, screw you,” she jokes, channeling a bit of her on-screen persona. (Watch our complete video chat below.)

Chris Geere | Creator Stephen Falk

Cash plays Gretchen, a cynical music publicist who meets and falls in love with an equally cynical author (Chris Geere). But while their tactless personalities haven’t won them many friends, Cash thinks they’re just being honest. “They’re honest in who they are and don’t make a lot of apologies for who they are,” she says, “so even if they’re a mess, they’re not ashamed of it. There’s not a lot of shame in their game.”

But what Cash especially likes about the show is that there’s always more to these characters than meets the eye. “All these characters are given the opportunity to be clichés, and then they subvert the cliché,” she says. “So I love that you can set your apartment on fire with a vibrator and live in utter filth … and still get your shit done. I appreciate that, because I think that’s what life is like.”

The critically acclaimed first season recently earned a Critics’ Choice nomination for Best Comedy Series, and Cash attended the event with her co-stars. That was a surreal, through-the-looking-glass experience for the cast, especially their strange run-in with a seat-filler: “Someone took [co-star Kether Donohue‘s] chair at one point, but then refused to get up … so she wasn’t a seat filler, just someone really drunk from another table, and Kether ended up sharing her seat with this woman for half the show.”

Cash hopes she’ll enjoy more surreal experiences like that as “You’re the Worst” continues to receive praise and accolades. She hopes Emmy voters will consider the show, though she downplays her own chances for a Best Comedy Actress bid, noting her competition: “Amy Schumer is amazing. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is amazing. Tatiana Maslany – well, she’s not in my category, but you know what … I would make a pitch that ‘Orphan Black‘ could go either way. There’s a lot of humor in that show.”

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