BAFTAs spark forums outrage: ‘Birdman’ down, ‘The Imitation Game’ out

Gold Derby’s forum posters are known for their brass, take-no-prisoners opinions, all of which were in play Sunday night as the winners were announced at the BAFTA Awards. Just a small sample of their savagery below. Read more and have your say here.

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Joe Burns: Oh my lord, the race for Picture and Director is so up in the air!! Damm!!!

Dominic Cobb: Does BAFTA really have the sway to break a guild trifecta? I don’t think so.

ressay: I switched to “Birdman” because of DGA….. damn! WTH is going on this year? But really happy for “Whiplash”!

Nessie: Yes!! “Boyhood“! Hopefully, this means the sizeable Brit contingent in the Academy will agree with the BAFTAs.


babypook: Are we not all pleased that this year’s race isnt a slam dunk in the top two areas?

Danyell: The race between Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne seems like the one between Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence in 2013. The difference is that Redmayne won the BAFTA (the fact he’s a Brit helps).

FNLFan89: The Keaton vs. Redmayne race can be compared to the Clooney vs. Dujardin race in 2011. Clooney won the Critics Choice and Golden Globe (same as Keaton) and Dujardin won the Golden Globe, SAG Award, and BAFTA (same as Redmayne). The latter ended up winning the Oscar, which helps Redmayne.

24Emmy: Best Picture winners usually win an acting award as Tom O’Neil would say. “Birdman” is now the favorite. Michael Keaton still has a chance.

ThemeParks4Life: Wow, I was researching how often BAFTA matches up with the acting categories at the Oscars, and they’ve only matched up in all 4 categories a staggering 3 times in the past 20 years- 2006, 2007, and 2011. This is good news for Keaton.

BAFTA Awards: Complete list of winners

Jake: I can’t see what people see in Patricia Arquette‘s performance. Her big moments were cleverly placed at the beginning, center and end of the movie but throughout the character didn’t make much sense and I didn’t undertstand her acting choices. If she reads again and will read yet again at the Oscars, she’ll never win anything for other roles.

Asgaroth: Still haven’t seen “Boyhood,” but Emma’s role besides that big sole scene she has in “Birdman,” it’s pretty plain and nothing out of this world. And Keira was simply awful. I still don’t get how could she get all her nominations for that embarassing childish performance.

FNLFan89: Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons, “Whiplash.” Two weeks until his deserved sweep is complete.

Jake: There’s no escape – we all have to admit that Supporting Actress, usually the most interesting category, is the most boring one this year.

ThemeParks4Life: I just did some more research on how well the Globes match Screenplay at the Oscars. It turns out that ever since they expanded to 5 nominations in 1965, the winner hasn’t matched 13 times (27%).

Eddy Q: Really should’ve guessed that Adapted Screenplay win. TofE had a Brit writer versus IG’s American one, and the former had more BAFTA support with a director nom.

‘Boyhood’ needs ‘Birdman’ to crash-land at Oscars like ‘Apollo 13’

FNLFan89:  Animated Feature: LEGO Movie. Will be the 1st BAFTA winner not to repeat at the Oscars since it was snubbed. This likely clears the way for How to Train Your Dragon 2.

ThemeParks4Life: And the BAFTA always matching the Oscar Animated streak ends.

24Emmy: “The Imitation Game” is going 0-9 today. Signs to come for the Oscars.

TomHardys: This is probably one of the most boring awards seasons of all time even in the categories were the race is not 100% decided (Picture, Director, Actor).

Halo_Insider:Huh, I’d say it was the exact opposite. One of the more surprsising of recent years.

ThemeParks4Life: Comparing the BAFTAs to PGA wins since the latter started, BAFTA has missed BP 14 times while PGA has only missed 7 times. Both have had reliable records for quite a bit, but one of them will be wrong this year (likely BAFTA).

24Emmy: Bye BAFTA. Now onto the Grammys.

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