Kerry Ehrin on ‘Bates Motel’: No, Norman doesn’t know he’s crazy

“We set out to tell a story that is suspenseful, but also pulpy, with nuanced stories and characters that will pull at your heart,” writer/producer Kerry Ehrin says in our webcam chat about the strategy used to adapt “Psycho” to TV as “Bates Motel.”

That heart-tugging is done chiefly by Vera Farmiga, who gives a socko performance as a frantic mom desperate to coddle a deranged son (Freddie Highmore) who commits bloody murders during black-outs.

“Vera captures a real mother, and one who is really worried about her kid,” Ehrin says. “She does these crazy emotional scenes that go up hill and down dale … that are so grounded and so believable.”

Ehrin clears up a nagging mystery for us: Does Norman know that a monster lurks within him?

“No,” she says. “He senses it. He has dark impulses, but he’s not conscious completely. It’s a maze to him and he’s trying to find his way through. Getting people to go on the ride with Norman is the challenge of the show.”

Watch our full video chat below.

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