‘Big Brother’ snap judgments: Our take on this season’s FEMALE houseguests

In anticipation of the 17th season of CBS’s “Big Brother” this Wednesday, here are my snap judgments on the seven female houseguests. Hurry — make your predictions for Week 1 and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will win Season 17.

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Audrey Middleton

This super fan who has seen every season, every episode wants you to call her “Audree” (or how ever you pronounce it). When I first read her bio, I thought “wow, her head is in the game.” She actually compared her strategy to Dexter Morgan, who is a TV serial killer. What’s more, in her interview with Jeff Schroeder, she says that she plays without emotion and she is willing to backstab her best friend in the house. This totally makes her seem like a villain in the game. What is interesting is that Audrey actually played a “Survivor” online game and many people on Twitter were saying that she was a villain there, too. But the thing is … she won that game.  Will this potential villain be able to win BB17? Huge question mark. She might if she has good social skills, which seem lacking from her interview with Jeff.

Becky Burgess

Becky who? Yes, that was exactly what I thought when I was about to do my snap judgment on her. Becky did not leave an impression on me and I had to re-watch her interview. Becky is a retail manager who opened an international store recently. She thinks that this might help her, as if the “Big Brother” household will be what she does at work — managing people and high schoolers. Becky did not really mention much about strategy. She knows that it is good to lay low most of the time in the “Big Brother” house, but she says that she is a “loud silly and goofy” person. I can see Becky maybe winning a few competitions and floating when she does not win. Probably won’t be remembered once the season is over.

DaVonne Rogers

DaVonne is a poker dealer and without a doubt, she is going to hide that information from her fellow houseguests. Is she going to be successfully able to lie about her profession? Is she going to be a huge target if her lie gets exposed? Only time will tell. Also, DaVonne is loud, outspoken and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. This is definitely going to bring some entertainment to the feeds as I can see fights potentially happening. Although it is interesting for fans to watch, being loud might just cost her the game. I could also see certain fans not liking DaVonne as there is a chance that this single mom could cause the rehash of #DevinHasADaughter by mentioning that she has a daughter every now and then.

Liz Nolan

What can I say? Liz quickly annoyed me throughout her six-minute interview with Jeff. Let’s get down to it. Liz is the kind of girl who will bring in 101 pairs of bikinis into the “Big Brother” house and use her marketing skills to market her own “assets” in an attempt to manipulate the men. And yes, she would likely be in a showmance or flirtmance (she prefers the latter). Her personality, laughter and voice could quickly rub the other houseguests the wrong way. This might just be why she’ll be an early boot.

Meg Maley

Meg is your typical girl that screams “I am so hyper!” in your face. She kinda reminds me of Talla Rajaei from Big Brother Canada just because of that. Thankfully, she says that she would play low for the first couple of weeks as she does not want to be the “let’s have so much fun” girl. Glad that she is self-aware, otherwise she would have an extremely high chance of packing her bags in Week 1. There are two things that Meg said that makes me think she won’t make it far. Firstly, she said she will do anything it takes to win, but wants to play loyal in the “Big Brother” house. Next, her favorite houseguest is Frankie Grande. I guess enough is said already.

Shelli Poole

Not going to lie, my first impression of Shelli is a hot cougar with a great tanned skin. I really like her personality, especially after her interview with Jeff. She seems to have very good interpersonal skills, which is essential in the social aspect of “Big Brother,” duh. Strategy wise, Shelli wants to lay low in the first part of the game and see who see can trust in the future. She wants to be able to continuously adapt to the game. To be honest, this sounds fantastic on paper. Carrying this out would require some great skills. Can Shelli be able to continuously adapt? I hope so, but doubt so, unfortunately. She does not seem to be a good strategist.

Vanessa Rousso

Oh, hi Vanessa. We have another professional poker player (see DaVonne). Both DaVonne and Vanessa mentioned that they are not telling people about their poker occupation. However, Vanessa seems to have a better strategy at it. We heard her say that she is going to tell others that she is a DJ. This is not too far from the truth, as she is a DJ, apart from being a poker player. Nevertheless, the chances of Vanessa blowing up her cover is pretty high since she is pretty well known in the poker world. Heck, DaVonne might even recognize her and it’ll be exciting to see if DaVonne and Vanessa will work together or against each other if that is the case. It would be very interesting to see how Vanessa plays the game with the poker player background. Would she be able to bluff her way through the game? I hope so. The worst case scenario is if she gets recognized and gets evicted Week 1. That would suck as she seems to have potential to make it far in the game.

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