‘Big Brother’ Season 17 first impressions: Sorting the winners from the losers

In the initial weeks of “Big Brother,” first impressions are everything. So, here’s my take on six of the new houseguests, three of which I expect to be evicted early and three others I predict will be among the last standing. Hurry — make your predictions for Week 1 and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will win Season 17.

Who will win ‘Big Brother’? See exclusive predictions

Audrey Middleton

“I’m the Beyonce of my life story.”

Audrey seems too confident in her ability to relate to people, suggesting a self-importance that will make her incapable of seeing the bigger strategic picture. If she enters with a “me-me-me”perspective to initial conversations, she’s going to be “gone-gone-gone” very soon.

Becky Burgess

“Seems like you can get cabin fever.”

If Becky is already anxious about restlessness in the house, I’m not sure she applied for the right show. Her bio focuses on a life of leisure, dependent on lots of reading and creative arts activities. With very little of this to do in the house, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her quit before week 4.

Clay Honeycutt

“I find it deeply satisfying when I see others prove their doubters wrong.”

Clay’s going to make it far in this game. With an appreciation for underdogs, Clay will have the gall to go against the tides of the house, an important quality for the types of big moves that get players through the end game. In all likelihood, Clay is a finalist.

John McGuire

“I hate watching nerdy know-it-alls.”

There’s a whiff of rebellion to John that makes me think he’s going to enter the game at full speed. If he makes big moves too early he’ll be targeted just as quickly and subsequently evicted. His aversion to “hero worship” reeks of the same self-importance that I said will be Audrey’s downfall. If that doesn’t get them evicted, maybe a likely showmance between them will.

Meg Maley

“My heart is stolen by fabulous gay men.”

It won’t be easy being one of four blonde women to enter the house, but Meg comes off as the most charming among them. While it’s worrisome that she idolizes Frankie Grande of Big Brother 16, Meg’s drive to not get bored will inspire her to build relationships with the houseguests that will inevitably become strong alliances.

Steve Moses

“I get these goosebumps down my spine that I don’t get from anything except for music.”

Steve comes off as sensitive, well-spoken and focused. His appreciation for Season 3’s Danielle Reyes’ motherly demeanor mixed with cutthroat strategy suggests that Steve has his eye on the end game and will do what it takes to get there while damaging as few relationships as possible.

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