‘Big Brother’ snap judgments: Our take on this season’s MALE houseguests

In anticipation of the 17th season of CBS’s “Big Brother” this Wednesday, here are my snap judgments on the seven male houseguests. Hurry — make your predictions for Week 1 and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will win Season 17.

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Austin Matelson

Do not judge a book by its cover. This is more than applicable for everyone (including me) who judged Austin based on his photo initially. You might have thought “this guy is just a recruit who has a big personality.” You are wrong. Austin is actually a superfan to the extent that he gave a commentary about Big Brother 15 on “AfterBuzz TV.” From the interview videos, I found Austin a very likeable and funny guy. He will definitely be able to last long in the “Big Brother” house solely on that. However, his physique make him as a physical competition threat and he could be constantly targeted. In my opinion, Austin should try to throw every single competition that he does not have win in order to make the target on his back smaller. I am thus kind of relieved when Austin said that if he were to win any Head of Household competition, it would only be the first and last ones.

Clay Honeycutt

Clay is this year’s Cody from Big Brother 16 and Shane from Big Brother 14. He is a very good looking guy and comes across as a guy who seems so nice that you want to hang out with him. But … but … just like Cody and Shane, Clay seems to have no real strategy going into the game, apart from being social and winning competitions. What is more, he emphasized to Jeff Schroeder that he would rather “lose and be loved by America.” That is a big no-no in my opinion and to all the “Big Brother” fans out there, the chances of Clay backstabbing someone or making a big move when he has to is rather slim. I can see Clay making it very far in the game or even to the Final 2, but losing the crown.

Jace Agolli

Jace is a personal trainer who surfs, skates and snowboards, too. What does that tell you? He is a massive physical competition threat. Just like Rachel Reilly (Seasons 12 & 13) and Janelle Pierzina (Seasons 6, 7 & 14), Jace will likely try to win every single competition that comes by. He is definitely going to bring great feeds during the endurance competitions as, per Jace, he is not going to give up. This guy has broken his jaw, shoulders and feet before from all his physical activities, but he is still doing them. The question is, is Jace that good at the competitions that he will be able to make it all the way to the end and win? I believe that it is hard for anyone to pull a Rachel or even a Mike Holloway (“Survivor: Worlds Apart”). Hopefully Jace can rely on his social skills when he is not winning the competitions.

James Huling

My first impression of James is Donny Thompson 2.0 solely based on appearance. My second impression of James is Woo Hwang 2.0 from “Survivor: Cagayan” after reading his bio. Why would I say so? One word: loyalty. James said that his favorite houseguests are Zack Rance and Victoria Rafaeli from Season 16 because they both seem like they are loyal. If I were in the “Big Brother” house, I would definitely want to use James as my goat not only because he seems to be playing the loyal game, but he also comes across as a recruit who is clueless about “Big Brother.” If James really wants to win, he should scrap the use of “loyalty” in his “Big Brother” dictionary. The only person you want to be loyal to is yourself. As a fan of “Big Brother,” I definitely do not want to see another “Woo Hwang move” where James brings someone to the end that he is loyal to, but cannot win against.

Jason Roy

Jason is a polarizing guy. He has a huge personality and has a lot of energy. You either love him or hate him. I love him as of now, but it does not matter what I think. What really matters is if his fellow houseguest love/hate him. Jason is in the “Big Brother” house to play the game. His strategy going into the house is to form an alliance with the rest of the girls and target the rest of the guys. While it would be very refreshing to see that happen, I personally do not think that will work out. The girls are going to fight with each other (as usual). The other guys will also likely target him first among that girls’ alliance since he was the one who created it. Jason is one of the houseguests that I think could be the first to go. That is, if he pulls an Ian Terry from Season 14 and is overly excited about being in the “Big Brother” house.

John McGuire

Just like Jason, I feel that John is also a very polarizing guy. This dentist in the day, rock star at night is your typical guy who yells in the Diary Room. Earphone users, be prepared to lower the volume or even mute whenever John is speaking. Also, I am not a fan of his laughter. What I do like about John though is that he is a little crazy and random at times, which will make the live feeds a bit more entertaining. John thinks that he is a physical threat, even though he says he is a skinny guy. He proclaims to be pretty good at obstacle courses. He will use the other big guys as a shield, as the house would target them first. All in all, just like Jason, I am worried that John could rub people the wrong way and be an early boot. Even after surviving the early aspect of the game, I do not think John will make it far just because he does not seem to have a solid strategy going in.

Steve Moses

You are now looking at the possible winner of Season 17. Yes, it is Steve, the super duper fan who is going to play the “cute, innocent” card so that he would not seem like a threat and make others think that he is easily manipulated. He thinks that people are thus going to bring him into their alliance. He is going to ride with the alliance, and stab them in the back. This is one of the best, if not the best strategy I have heard from the 14 new houseguests. Many of you are definitely going to compare him with Ian Terry from Season 14. Well, Steve says that he is different from Ian since he is not going to yell at others and will not drink and smoke. Steve is here to win. His head is in the game and he seems to know what to do in order to avoid being a threat (e.g. not getting into a showmance, not winning the competitions when you don’t have to). He answered all of the interview questions correctly in my opinion. His favorite player is the great strategist Danielle Reyes. The things that I think can stop Steve from winning Season 17 are if he plays too hard, too fast or has a target on his back from being such a superfan or from being too nerdy. I am extremely excited to watch Steve play!

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