‘Big Brother’ predictions: 3 houseguests who CAN’T win

On Wednesday’s “Big Brother” premiere, we learned about Season 17’s three huge twists: BB Takeover, Battle of the Block and the Twin Twist. But as far as I’m concerned, we also met the first three houseguests that will definitely NOT win the $500,000 grand prize. After reading my analysis, make your predictions for Week 1 and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will win Season 17.

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Audrey Middleton
Audrey’s journey as the show’s first transgender contestant is already iconic. While her composure, pride and confidence when introducing herself to the other houseguests is admirable, in the game of “Big Brother” these qualities often raise your threat level. Da’Vonne Rogers’ diary room about the topic was very telling — Da’Vonne thinks Audrey’s journey will allow Audrey to gain the respect of the others to further the goals of their secret alliance, but eventually this respect will become the type of thing that smart players will want to eliminate before allowing Audrey to get in front of the jury to claim the prize.

James Huling
Everyone knows winning the first HOH of the season is a bad move. While securing his safety (kind of, beware the Battle of the Block!) for what can often be an unpredictable first week, James is now on everyone’s radar as a challenge threat — Clay and Austin smartly noted as much in their diary room scenes. If James can make it through the BOB and Veto comps alive, keeping himself off the block, I expect him to be on everyone’s hit list in Week 2. All he can do now is reassess and pull back in challenges.

Meg Maley
Now maybe this is just a personal impression, but Meg won’t win because she’s annoying. In her introduction to the other houseguests, one of the most interesting things she could say about herself is that she’s a contestant on “Big Brother.” So … um … yeah. She also called New York City “the center of it,” which to country-raised players like James and Clay might become a sticking point. Big city know-it-alls should be mindful of leaving the impression that their city life is superior to the provincial. Given the emphasis on the relationship with gay men in her life, it’ll be interesting to see how her and Jason Roy get along and if he can save her from being a first eviction.

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