3 epic fails that make Shelli Poole a frontrunner to win ‘Big Brother’

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Shelli Poole has done everything you’re not supposed to do in the game of “Big Brother” — win too many challenges, showmance it up, throw alliance members under the bus … you name it, she’s done it. Yet, somehow, she’s still in the house and that’s why she’s easily the best woman to ever play BB and after Week 6 I’m prepared to call her the best player of any gender. After reading my analysis for why Shelli’s the new frontrunner, make your predictions for Week 7 and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who’ll be evicted next.

Who will win ‘Big Brother’? See exclusive predictions

Challenge beast
The first rule of “Big Brother,” especially in the beginning, is “stay under the radar.” You know how you don’t stay under the radar? By winning challenges. Shelli won two of the first four HOH competitions, both of which she tightly managed so that her co-HOH would be dethroned and the power would stay in her hands. She also managed to make sure that the two houseguests evicted under her watch were targets for the whole house, minimizing the blood on her hands. Of the other four HOH comps she played in, two she wasn’t eligible for and two were endurance comps in which she finished second. Oh, and there’s also her beasting through the 2,400 rounds in 24 hours battle guard punishment with little to no whining. Bow down!

Showmance queen
The second rule of “Big Brother” is “don’t pair up in plain sight.” You know the easiest way to break this rule? Engage in a showmance. Y’know, in the past showmancers have done some crazy things, both physically and emotionally — they’ve hooked up in plain sight, they’ve refused to campaign against each other, etc. But Clelli managed to do all of it, all over the place, all the time. At one point neither Shelli or Clay could speak strategy without saying “we” or “us” and while this didn’t go unnoticed by the other houseguests, somehow none of them ever called them out on it. And when James Huling did this week, by nominating them, Shelli managed, despite being his main target, to escape the eviction with 0 votes to evict her. Slay!

Backstabbing bus driver
The third rule of “Big Brother” is “don’t throw your allies under the bus.” In all honesty this is the easiest rule to follow because it’s in your best interest to keep the trust you’ve built with the people you’re truest to. Shelli though, bless her, broke this rule Week 1 when she turned on both Da’Vonne and Audrey, the two she infamously aligned with minutes after entering the house only to be the HOH to evict each of them by Week 4. And since that wasn’t enough bus driving for her, this week when her back was against the wall, Shelli threw Austin Matelson under the bus spilling all his secrets to James. What did Austin do when he (obviously) found out about it? Shrugged it off and called it something too minor to let it destroy the Sixth Sense alliance. Vrooooooom!

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