6 reasons why ‘Big Hero 6’ will win the Oscar

In this year’s Oscars race for Best Animated Feature, “The Lego Movie” has a comfy lead, according to Gold Derby’s odds. Twenty-four out of our 26 experts predict it will prevail. However, are they underestimating the health of an inflatable robot and his hi-tech pal?

Here are 6 reasons why “Big Hero 6” can become the big Oscar hero.

1. It’s a Care Provider
Sure, there’s a lot of action in “Big Hero 6,” but it also has a lot of care. Through exploring themes of loss, grief and friendship, it’s got a strong emotional pull. Watching the friendship of Hiro and Baymax develop is particularly touching and sweet. There’s a real huggable factor to this film and, as Baymax would say, hugs are good for your emotional state. After watching the film, voters may be in just the right state to give it their vote.

2.The Magic of Disney
After 6 failed bids over the 13 years of this category’s existence, Disney finally broke through with a win last year for “Frozen.” Now that the studio has proven it has the magic to take the trophy, “Big Hero 6” could continue the momentum. The film marks the 54th feature from Disney Animation, the most prolific studio in all cartoon movie history.

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3.  The Category’s Favorite Things

In 2008, a movie about a robot, “WALL-E,” took out the category. In 2004, the superhero’s “The Incredibles” prevailed; And in 2002, Japan’s “Spirited Away” ran away with the win. So a film about robots and superheroes in a sort-of Japan setting (the futuristic city of San Fransokyo seems half inspired by the country’s capital) may strike a winning formula.

4. Better Late Than Earlier
With a November release date, the film will still be fresh in voters’ minds; while the animated blockbusters released back in the summer drift to the back of their memories. This added relevance may give it just the boost it needs to beat other contenders.

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5. It’s Big
Time will tell just how well this film finishes at the box office, but taking in more than $200 million already proves it’s a big winner with audiences. It packs a jet-powered punch that could help propel it to the win.

6. Voters Are Satisfied with Its Service
We can talk heart, studio, genre and box office all we want, but at the end of the day, if the voters are satisfied with this as a winner over the other films, they will vote for it. There is no unbeatable behemoth in the race this year like “Toy Story 3” or “Frozen,” so the prize is ripe for the picking if voters take to this film.


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