Battling Oscars pundits Tom and Tariq: A temporary truce … then war

Tariq Khan, my old Oscars sparring partner, before we rip each other’s throats out — which, of course, is the only reason anybody listens to our podcast, because that’s so much fun — I need to give you a big compliment here,” says Tom O’Neil in their new mano a mano Oscars predictions podcast (listen below).

“You really analyzed smartly the PGA methodology for what might win. You’ve been warning us all, including me, that this preferential ballot is what’s going to trip up ‘Boyhood,'” Tom continues, referring to when “Birdman” took down the Oscars frontrunner at PGA.

Tariq turns right back around and compliments Tom for sticking with Eddie Redmayne at the SAG Awards instead of jumping on the Michael Keaton bandwagon. Tom was the only Expert at Gold Derby to predict Redmayne’s victory.

What’s going on here? Have Tom and Tariq made up or are they just keeping each other close, like true frenemies? Don’t be fooled. Any time you witness these Oscar gladiators together, you can bet they’ll end up spewng blood.

BELOW: Listen to their latest bout.

Last year Tariq beat Tom with his prediction score. Two years ago, Tom clobbered Tariq. So who do you believe now — Tom or Tariq? Tune in and decide. To hear more of their podcasts, do a search at the iTunes music store or check out our Gold Derby channel at Libsyn.

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