Oscars predictions: Why Jenelle Riley (Variety) bets on ‘Birdman’ (podcast)

“When ‘Birdman‘ won both PGA and SAG, I thought maybe it can pull off a complete sweep,” Jenelle Riley (Variety) says in our podcast chat, referring to its potential victory next at the DGA Awards this Saturday.

She makes a parallel to “The King’s Speech,” which put a stop to “The Social Network” juggernaut when it hit the guild awards four years ago.

“When we did this podcast back in early December the one big takeaway that everyone seemed to barrage me with was that I said I wasn’t completely convinced that ‘Boyhood‘ was this runaway train,” she adds. “It’s still in a very good position. It could very well win. I’m definitely not counting it out and I’d be perfectly happy with that. But for whatever reason I wasn’t feeling it” back then and now she’s betting on “Birdman” taking off.

However, she doesn’t feel strongly that  Michael Keaton will win Best Actor over Eddie Redmayne (“Theory of Everything”) and Bradley Cooper (“American Sniper“). “I think it’s down to those three men,” she says. “I change my mind every hour, every minute.

“It’s a frustrating year if you’re trying to win your office pool,” she adds. “But it’s really interesting!”

See Riley’s predictions here. See how they stack up against other experts’ picks here.

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