Will ‘Creed’ be Oscars knockout for ‘Rocky’ franchise?

Now that the trailer for “Creed” has been released by Warner Bros. (watch below), we’re left to wonder: Will the film be an Oscars comeback for the “Rocky” franchise, or will it be an afterthought like so many of its sequels? Sound off in our movie forums on this hot topic.

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“Creed” reunites “Fruitvale Station” director Ryan Coogler with Michael B. Jordan, who stars as the titular Adonis Creed (son of Apollo). This is the seventh film in the popular boxing franchise, and yes, Sylvester Stallone returns as the iconic Rocky Balboa.

So far, the franchise has racked up 11 total Oscar nominations. However, a whopping 10 of those came for the inaugural film in 1976. Many of the sequels received tepid reviews and were far from awards contenders … unless you count the Razzies.

Let’s take a look at how the first half-dozen films fared at the Oscars.

“Rocky” (1976)
Best Picture – winner
Best Director – winner
Best Editing – winner
Best Actor (Sylvester Stallone) – nominated
Best Actress (Talia Shire) – nominated
Best Supporting Actor (Burgess Meredith) – nominated
Best Supporting Actor (Burt Young) – nominated
Best Original Screenplay – nominated
Best Song (“Gonna Fly Now”) – nominated
Best Sound Mixing – nominated

“Rocky II” (1979)
No nominations.

“Rocky III” (1982)
Best Song (“Eye of the Tiger”) – nominated

“Rocky IV” (1985)
No nominations.

“Rocky V” (1990)
No nominations.

“Rocky Balboa” (2006)
No nominations.

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What do YOU think? Can “Creed” reclaim Oscars glory for the franchise? Watch the trailer and then have your say HERE.

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