Critics’ Choice nominations: Our predictions contest leader dishes bids by ‘Ex Machina,’ ‘Straight Outta Compton’

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“The prediction that I’m most pleased about getting correct was ‘Ex Machina‘ in Best Original Screenplay,” declares Joseph Trusson (screen name Joseph), Gold Derby’s top scorer at predicting the 2015 Critics’ Choice Awards film nominations. Trusson scored a staggering 92% accuracy and racked up 29,367 points. As he explains that savvy prediction, “‘Ex Machinawon at the BIFAs, and Original Screenplay was the only likely place that the film would break into at Critics’ Choice.”

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Trusson hails from Nottingham, England where he’s a college journalism student. He tells us, “I am a passionate awards prognosticator and analyst, and I have been coming to Gold Derby for just over two years, updating my predictions on a daily basis. I also write articles and publish my predictions on my own blog.”

He correctly predicted 55 correct nominations across 10 categories. By placing his 500 point bet on Best Picture and predicting 9/10 of that category’s nominees correctly — “Spotlight,” “Mad Max Fury Road,” “The Revenant,” “Bridge of Spies,” “Room,” “Carol,” “The Martian,” “Brooklyn” and “The Big Short,” missing only “Sicario” — he earned a whopping 11,200 points. That’s why it’s important to always rank the contenders in order of likelihood of winning in Gold Derby’s prediction contests.

We asked Trusson what he thinks of this year’s nominees/snubs and how he did so well making his predictions for the Critics’ Choice Awards film nominations.

Here are his juicy secrets:

“I think I did so well at predicting the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards this year because they love to predict the Oscars, which I found out last year as I managed to get a place in the Top 24. I, for the most part, just thought about who the Academy would pick and, if it was a category of six, add the one that was just on the fringes.

“I also closely examined who was on a good run from the SAG and Golden Globe nominations last week. That’s what made me put a couple of last minute predictions in that turned out to be right, such as Michael Shannon for ’99 Homes,’ ‘The Big Short’ in Best Picture, George Miller in Best Director and ‘Straight Outta Compton‘ in Best Ensemble.

“As far as winners are concerned, I see ‘Spotlight’ winning Best Picture, Ridley Scott for Best Director, Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor, Brie Larson for Best Actress, Sylvester Stallone for Best Supporting Actor, Rooney Mara for Best Supporting Actress, ‘Spotlight’ in Original Screenplay and Ensemble, ‘Steve Jobs’ in Adapted Screenplay and ‘Inside Out’ for Best Animated Feature.”

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Straight Outta Compton” Photo Credit: Universal

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