4 secrets from Critics’ Choice TV Awards you won’t hear anywhere else

Gold Derby went behind the scenes at the 5th annual edition of the Critics’ Choice TV Awards, held Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and we’re just itching to reveal four juicy secrets about the ceremony that you won’t hear anywhere else.

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1. Beer run
On each table there was red wine, white wine and two Fiji waters. (See our photo gallery below for a visual.) However, one quick-legged publicist was seen darting in and out of the kitchen with only seconds to go before the show started in order to deliver a special request to his stars: bottles of beer. The magic of showbiz!

2. Boos for presenting winners off-show
The critics presented many high-caliber categories before the show started, but strangely didn’t announce the winners until much later, including Movie/Limited Series Actor (David Oyelowo), Supporting Actress (Sarah Paulson) and Supporting Actor (Bill Murray). This resulted in boos from the upset audience who wanted to see these folks’ acceptance speeches. At least Paulson got a congratulations on-stage from Ben McKenzie as they presented an award early in the evening, though nobody quite knew why he was giving her the congrats because the official announcement hadn’t been made yet. Awkward.

3. Mass exodus
On more than one occasion, we saw losers bolt for the door as soon as their category was over. However, you’d never notice by watching on TV, as the ballroom always appeared filled to capacity thanks to countless seat-fillers who were on-hand to replace the AWOL stars. Some of the rules imposed on seat-fillers include: no taking photos, no eating, no drinking, and be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

4. Fun and Games
As the show ended, everyone ran over to the Oasis courtyard on the other side of the Beverly Hilton Hotel for the official after-party. Fun and games for the partiers included checkers, ping pong, a photo booth, a gelato station and racing toy boats in the swimming pool.

Critics’ Choice wins are Emmys boosts for ‘The Americans,’ Amy Schumer …

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