‘Dancing with the Stars’ predictions: Could Rumer Willis or Nastia Liukin get first perfect score?

Have you been predicting Dancing With the Stars” for a chance to win $100 every week? It’s far from certain who will win the mirror ball trophy this season since the top spot on the judges’ leaderboard keeps changing hands. But the good news for our predictors is that you’ve got a pretty good chance of predicting that high score. Considering how the celebs have performed thus far, it looks like you’ve still got about a one-in-four shot.

‘DWTS’ predictions: Top users disagree on Nastia Liukin vs. Willow Shields

If the contestants remain consistent, this week’s top scorer will probably be gymnast Nastia Liukin, actress Rumer Willis, musician Riker Lynch, or “Hunger Games” ingenue Willow Shields. How do I know that? You might have noticed that they’ve been the top four dancers almost every single week.

Willis led in the season premiere episode, scoring 32 out of 40 from the judges, followed by Lynch (31) and Liukin (30). Shields got off to a slow start and tied for eighth that night with a score of 25.

Liukin was on top in week two for “My Jam Monday” with a score of 34. Lynch, Willis and an improved Shields tied all for second place with 32.

On “Latin Night,” Liukin was the highest scorer again with 34, but this time Lynch tied her at the top. Willis was close behind with 33, and Shields had 32.

When the contestants performed dances inspired by their “Most Memorable Year” in week four, Shields came out on top with the highest score of the season so far, 39. Liukin followed with 36, Willis scored 35, and Lynch was tied with “Shark Tank” businessman Robert Herjavec with 34.

Then last week, on “Disney Night,” Willis topped the leaderboard again, matching Shields’s season-best score of 32, but yet again, the top four remained the same. Liukin and Lynch tied for second place (38) and Shields was fourth (34). What’s more, there was a six-point gulf between fourth and fifth place, so it doesn’t look like anyone is even close to catching them.

So if you want to play it safe, bet on one of them. But none of them have achieved that elusive perfect score of 40 out of 40. The judges tend to be stingier in the early weeks of the competition as they’re encouraging the amateur dancers to improve their skills, but as each season progresses, perfect 10s — and eventually those perfect 40s — get more and more common.

Our racetrack odds agree about who the top-scorers will be. Liukin is favored to win the night with 3/2 odds, followed by Willis (12/5), Lynch (9/2), and Shields (12/1). In fact, they’ve been so dominant that they’re the only contestants with odds better than 100/1.

Radzie is the top user on our overall leaderboard, and he’s betting on Lynch to return to the top of the judges’ standings. Second-place Ryan Lapierre says Liukin will be the night’s best dancer.

Besides this season’s fantastic four, every other contestant has 100/1 odds, but if you think one of them will pull off an upset, those odds will pay out in a big way if you place your 500-point or 200-point bet on them and get it right. We use those game points to break ties in case multiple users tie with the most right answers for the week. If you’re the week’s top predictor, you win a $100 Amazon gift card (if you qualify according to our contest rules).

For instance, you might consider taking a calculated risk and putting your support behind standout double-amputee Noah Galloway, who has received abundant praise from judges for his perseverance and for the creative choreography required to work around his physical limitations. He may be in a position to surprise judges with an especially difficult and unconventional performance. To date he’s never finished at the bottom.

Make or update your predictions below by dragging contestants from left to right in your forecasted order of finishing. For example, if you think Willis will get the highest score again, make sure to have her in first place. You can continue to update and change your predictions throughout the week until 4 p.m. PT each Monday. Just click “Save Predictions” when you’ve settled on your choices.

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