‘Dancing with the Stars’ predictions: Top users disagree on Nastia Liukin vs. Willow Shields

A $100 Amazon gift card is on the line when you predict “Dancing With the Stars” every week, so when entering your picks, it’s often helpful to consult our top-scoring users. What works for them might work for you too. But this week, two of our savviest predictors are completely at odds when forecasting results for Monday’s “Disney Night”: who will be the high scorer, who will be the low scorer, and who will be eliminated.

Connor Young (aka “Connordapianist“) was the best predictor last Monday night, when the remaining contestants performed dances inspired by their “Most Memorable Year.” While all of the Gold Derby consensus picks turned out to be wrong, Young answered two out of three questions correctly, anticipating Willow Shields‘s high score and Chris Soules‘s low score.

So how did he do it? “The secret for this week’s predictions was pure luck with calculated betting,” says Young. “I knew Willow could get the top score, so I locked in my odds at a good time and placed my super bet on that.” He put his 500 points on Shields when she was a 33/1 long shot, but he admits “it could have easily been Nastia who received the top score, but I stuck with Willow.”

He’s betting Shields will pay off again with a high score on “Disney Night” and that Patti LaBelle will fall back to the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard after landing there on “Latin Night.” But he’s taking an even bigger risk forecasting this week’s elimination. “I think a surprise elimination that will happen soon will be Riker Lynch,” Young says. “He does get good scores but I don’t trust that the viewers will vote for him.”

Lynch has been one of this season’s most consistent performers, even getting the high score on “Latin Night,” but this past Monday he landed in the middle of the pack, so an elimination isn’t out of the question. Since he’s always among the top scorers, we don’t know yet how he’ll fare when he needs support from viewer voters to keep him alive. If Young is right about Lynch’s ouster, he’ll enjoy another massive payout: he’s put his 500-point big bet on Lynch with 33/1 odds.

User Ryan Lapierre has yet to win our weekly “DWTS” contest, but thanks to his consistent performances every week, he’s currently the top user for the season overall, correctly predicting 50% of the results after the first four weeks of the competition. And it’s not his first time Lapierre has impressed with his reality TV savvy. He’s a consistent high scorer in our TV derbies. CLICK HERE to read our interview with him after he won our “Project Runway” contest last summer.

Lapierre disagrees with Young at every turn this week. He says LaBelle will be eliminated instead of Lynch (whom he ranks fourth), that Nastia Liukin will receive the high score instead of Shields (whom he ranks third), and that Suzanne Somers will be the worst dancer instead of LaBelle (whom he ranks third).

On top of that, Lapierre and Young disagree on who will win the mirror ball trophy at the end of the season. Lapierre is going with our consensus frontrunner Liukin, while Young thinks Shields will win the whole thing. “I think the finale will be between Willow and Nastia and I’m betting on Willow to take it,” says Young of where he thinks that head-to-head match-up is going.

So who’s right? Our consistent reality genius Lapierre or our recent “DWTS” contest champ Young? Perhaps you think they’re both out to lunch and that you can outsmart both of them to win our $100 prize on Monday night. If so, make or update your predictions below by dragging contestants from left to right in the order of their likelihood of getting the boot. For example, if you think Riker Lynch is a goner, make sure to have him in first place. You can continue to update and change your predictions throughout the week until 5 p.m. PT each Monday. Just click “Save Predictions” when you’ve settled on your choice.

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