‘Dancing with the Stars’ predictions contest: Our leaders clash over Nick Carter, Bindi Irwin and Paula Deen

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After two weeks of “Dancing With the Stars” predictions, three of our contest entrants are tied at the top of our leaderboard with 67% accuracy (4 out of 6 correct): Ain’t No Elitist, John Benutty and Denton Davidson. Will this trio still be in the lead after Monday night’s results? (Click here to see our complete predictions leaderboard.)

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They agree on who will be eliminated: Gary Busey. The Oscar-nominated actor was in jeopardy on both of last week’s two-night event. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean he was in the bottom two when judges’ scores were combined with viewers’ votes, his continued struggles on the dance floor aren’t helping. And he got the lowest score for his dance last Tuesday (15 out of 30), so he could indeed be at risk.

Where our contest leaders disagree is in their predictions for the night’s highest score. Ain’t No Elitist and Denton are betting that wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin will come out on top for the third time and that she will ultimately win the season. But Benutty is predicting a high score and an eventual mirror ball trophy win for boy band member Nick Carter.

Also making predictions for Monday night is RicosMama, who had the top score predicting the results in the first week of the competition. She’s going out on a limb of her own, disagreeing with our overall top three on this week’s elimination by betting that embattled TV chef Paula Deen will be sent home. Elsewhere RicosMama is playing it relatively safe by picking Irwin for the high score and Busey for the low.

This early in the competition, one or two surprises might be all it takes to dramatically shake up our predictions contest leaderboard. The battle to win our contest may turn out to be just as dramatic as the fight for the mirror ball trophy. The winner of this season’s contest will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate. We’re also giving $100 for getting the top score in each week’s predictions, provided you qualify according to our contest rules.

In our “Dancing with the Stars” predictions contest center, you get to answer the following questions each week:

Which celebrity will be eliminated?

Who will receive the HIGHEST score from the judges?

Who will receive the LOWEST score from the judges?

Who will win ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

At the end of each week, the eligible user with the highest prediction accuracy and most points will win a $100 Amazon gift certificate, so keep coming back often and making/updating your predictions.

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Photos: Nick Carter and Bindi Irwin, “Dancing with the Stars.” Credit: ABC


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