‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Rumer Willis and Nastia Liukin are first perfect dancers of the season

Did you predict the high and low score on “America’s Choice” night on “Dancing With the Stars“? If so, you may be well on your way to winning our weekly predictions contest for a $100 Amazon gift card. What matters now is who will be sent home in Tuesday night’s dreaded double elimination.

Only 29% of users predicted that actress Rumer Willis would return to the top of the judges’ scores, but that includes both of our top two users: Radzie, who has the best predictions of the season so far (52% correct), and Ryan Lapierre, who is currently in second place overall (43% correct).

The night’s lowest judges’ score went to Robert Herjavec yet again. He he had been the consensus pick of our users; 48% predicted he’d land on the bottom again, myself included, which gave him 11/10 odds.

Though we had given gymnast Nastia Liukin the edge to get the high score, neither of Monday night’s results came as a big surprise. Willis has consistently been one of the season’s best dancers (except for a couple of off weeks recently), and Herjavec has spent many weeks as the worst dancer. What’s interesting, though, is how few of our top users got both questions right.

Radzie thought military veteran Noah Galloway would get the lowest score, while Lapierre thought it would be “Bachelor” star Chris Soules.

Eeric, who is third on our leaderboard, predicted Herjavec’s low score but expected musician Riker Lynch to have the high score. Fourth-place Kevin Postel had the same predictions.

To find a user who answered both questions correctly, you have to go all the way down to Denton Davidson, who is currently ranked 17th for the season. Jason Nolette, in 18th place, also predicted both correctly, so they might be on track to win our contest this week if they’re right about Tuesday’s elimination. Both say Soules will get the axe. If they’re right, they’ll score a perfect 100% for the week and could be well positioned to win our contest, but if they’re both wrong, they could open the door for another user to move ahead.

It’s certainly possible Soules will survive — again. He’s been at the bottom of the judges’ scores three times this season, but no lowest-scoring dancer has been sent home since Redfoo, who was the first very elimination this year.

It’s worth noting that neither of our top users are predicting Soules for elimination. Radzie says Herjavec will finally be sent packing, while Lapierre is going out on a limb, predicting that Lynch will go home in yet another shocking ouster. Lynch had the second highest score on Monday night, but he finished in the middle of the pack on “Eras Night,” which could put him in jeopardy.

Lapierre bet 500 points on Lynch at 50/1 odds, so if he’s right, he’ll score 25,000 points, which could put him in contention to win our contest.

The stars performed two dances on Monday night: an “America’s Choice” dance in which contestants incorporated the song and style suggestions of fans into their routines, and a trio dance in which the stars performed with two pro partners.

Most of the stars stepped up their game, perhaps spurred by the shocking elimination of Willow Shields last week. That resulted in three routines that scored 40 out of 40, the first perfect scores of the season.

Both of Willis’s dances were perfect: first her crisp, pristine rumba with pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy and then a trio paso doble with Chmerkovskiy and Artem Chigvintsev.

Liukin earned the third perfect score for her jive with pro partner Derek Hough and Sasha Farber, who has also been subbing for Hough while Hough recovers from a broken toe. But Liukin ended up third overall in this week’s scores when both of her dances were added together.

The week-eight rankings of the “DWTS” contestants were:

Rumer Willis – 80
Riker Lynch – 78
Nastia Liukin – 76
Chris Soules – 64
Noah Galloway – 63
Robert Herjavec – 62

Our racetrack odds indicate that Herjavec will be eliminated (6/5 odds). Soules is next in line (13/8 odds). Galloway and Lynch follow with 25/1 odds each. But even perfect Willis might not be safe. She has 50/1 odds of going home.

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