Daytime Emmy Awards prediction scores: Best performances by our Experts, Editors and Users

Congratulations to J F Petsche for a very impressive top score of 67% predicting the Daytime Emmy Awards winners on Sunday. He broke a tie with Woodster and RLK by having 4,161 points, quite a few more than his co-leaders, because he used his 500 and 200 point bets wisely.

While some of this year’s winners were expected — like Anthony Geary (“General Hospital“) for Best Actor, Hunter King (“The Young and the Restless“) for Best Younger Actress, and “Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Steve Harvey Show” in the Best Talk Show categories — others were pretty tough to predict. Our leader, J F Petsche, made some savvy predix such as Maura West (“General Hospital”) for Best Actress, Chad Duell (“General Hospital”) for Best Supporting Actor, and “CBS Sunday Morning” for Best Morning Show.

You can see how your score compares to his in our leaderboard rankings of all contestants, which also includes links to see each participant’s predictions. Or you can find your score by clicking on “My Award Scores,” which appears in the gold menu bar when you’re signed in to your account.

For his efforts, J F Petsche wins a $100 Amazon gift card, pending Gold Derby evaluating his eligibility based upon our contest rules.

Among the predictor groups, the best performance was by a tie between our Editors, overall Users, and Top 24 Users (those two dozen folks who had done the best predicting last year’s winners) with each group getting 50% correct. Our Experts collectively only got 38.89% correct. Click each link in the previous sentence or in our accuracy chart to see these scores for yourself.

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Our two best Experts at predicting are Gold Derby’s own Paul Sheehan and Tom O’Neil with each having 56% accuracy. Sheehan takes the top honors, though, with a better score of 1,948 to 1,386.

The next best score is by Roger Newcomb (We Love Soaps) with 50% correct. A special note, however, for his astonishing score of 13,370, far exceeding our two Expert winners. He bet 100 points on “CBS Sunday Morning” when it had 100/1 odds, giving him a boost of 10,000 points.

Up next are Michael Maloney (Soaps in Depth) and Jamey Giddens (Daytime Confidential) with 45% correct. Michael Fairman (Michael Fairman Soaps), who won our Daytime Emmy nominations contest weeks ago, follows with 34% right. Lynda Hirsch (Creators Syndicate) is next at 23% correct.

For our three participating Editors, Marcus Dixon has the best score at 62% correct. I follow with 56% accuracy and then Daniel Montgomery with 39% right.

See the separate rankings of our Experts, Editors and Users in our special leaderboards that feature top scores per group.

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As Gold Derby Users just like you usually turn out to be our smartest prognosticators, it’s vital that you now give us your predictions on many other awards and reality shows. Make the best predictions and you could win our contest prize: $100 Amazon gift certificate and a place of honor in our famous leaderboards.

In order to win, you must have the highest accuracy percentage – and maybe more than that. If more than one player has the best accuracy, the winner is the person with the highest accuracy plus most game points. So, remember to place your three super bets when making predictions. Each player gets one super bet of 500 points and two of 200 points with all the other categories worth 100 points. Strategy is key. Place those super bets wisely and they could crown you our winner.

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