Daytime Emmys predictions: Amelia Heinle (‘Y&R’) ahead in close four-way Supporting Actress race

Though Amelia Heinle (“The Young and the Restless“) leads our Daytime Emmy predictions to win Best Supporting Actress for the second year in a row, it’s far from a done deal. According to our racetrack odds, four of the five women nominated have a serious shot at the trophy.

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Like their primetime counterpart, the Daytime Emmys are decided by judging panels viewing sample episode submissions. For the third year in a row, the TV academy has made these available online for public viewing. Below, watch Heinle’s episode as well as those of her rival nominees and judge for yourself as to who should win. 


Last year, Heinle won with an episode in which her character, Victoria Newman, mourns the suddden death of her stepdaughter Delia in a hit-and-run accident. This year, she returns to that storyline: on the one-year anniversary of Delia’s death, she remembers Delia with her estranged husband Billy (played last year by Emmy-winner Billy Miller and in this reel by a different actor, Burgess Jenkins). Afterwards, she mends her relationships with Kelly (Cady McClain), who had an affair with Billy, and Ben (Sean Carrigan), whom Victoria had started a new relationship with.

This isn’t the showiest reel in the category, but neither was Heinle’s submission last year, and she won for it anyway. There’s one especially impactful moment when Victoria tells Billy that he has nothing left to apologize for in their relationship, but if Heinle is hurt by anything, it’s how much more focus there is on Billy during most of their scene together.

Nevertheless, she leads our predictions, though opinions are divided. Two of six Experts say she’ll become the rare actress to win this award twice: Gold Derby’s own Tom O’Neil and Paul Sheehan. Agreeing with them are four out of five Editors, 13 of our Top 24 Users (the two dozen high scorers at predicting last year’s winners), and 43% of all Users, giving her leading odds of 6/5.


After being snubbed in the Best Actress race in 2014, Finola Hughes (“General Hospital“) entered the Supporting Actress contest this year, which paid off with a nomination. She has the shortest reel at just over seven minutes. In it, her character, police chief Anna Devane, pleads with the man she loves (past Emmy-champ Ian Buchanan) to stay out of the battle that is brewing between rival criminal organizations in Port Charles. It’s a powerful performance, but the scene is at least as much a showcase for Buchanan as it is for Hughes. Will that prevent her from claiming her first Emmy since 1991?

Our predictors certainly aren’t counting her out. She’s a strong second in our overall predictions with 10/3 odds. Two of our Experts are backing her: Jamey Giddens (Daytime Confidential) and Stephanie Sloane (Soap Opera Digest). So are 29% of Users and five of our Top 24 Users: NoLogo, CeCe1991, JDMintz, Joey_Valentino and WindSun.


I’m going out on a limb in this category, predicting first-time nominee Lisa LoCicero for her role as Olivia Falconeri on “GH.” It’s a calculated risk; Emmy voters seldom favor comic reels like the one she submitted, in which Olivia gets drunk and commiserates with her friend Ned (Wally Kurth).

But while some comic Emmy reels lack strong emotional impact compared to more dramatic, tear-soaked competitors, LoCicero balances the humor of her storyline with gravitas as she reacts to a romantic betrayal and displays warmth and gratitude for Ned’s friendship. If nothing else, the reel certainly stands out from the rest.

I’m not alone in this prediction. One of our Experts, Roger Newcomb (We Love Soaps), agrees with me. So do 11% of Users and two of our Top 24 Users: montana82 and eastwest. LoCicero ranks third overall with 6/1 odds.

Eastwest has been discussing the Emmy reels in our forums and says, “[Hughes is] great and could easily win here, but Lisa is the great apple in the bag of oranges here.”


Elizabeth Hendrickson (“Y&R”) was considered a strong contender for the win last year. She plays Delia’s birth-mother Chloe Fisher, and like Heinle, she had submitted an episode surrounding Delia’s death. That performance had arguably the most impact in the category, but it’s possible voters wanted to see more dramatic range; over the years, other actors, including daytime legend Susan Lucci, have lost Emmys when submitting episodes full of tears from beginning to end.

Hendrickson’s episode this year is equally emotional, but more subdued, which could work in her favor. In it, Chloe says goodbye to family and friends; she is leaving Genoa City for psychiatric treatment to address her erratic behavior following her daughter’s death. She gives us plenty of tears, but also tenderness and self-reflection.

Could that be the key to victory? One of our Experts, Lynda Hirsch (Creators Syndicate) is predicting Hendrickson. So do 12% of Users and four of our Top 24 Users: AviChristiaans, Jason Nolette, darioc and T-Love74. That places her fourth with 13/2 odds, not far from the rest of the pack.


Linsey Godfrey (“The Bold and the Beautiful“) is the real underdog in this race according to our predictions, but I think we’d be fools to count her out. Last year, she was nominated for Younger Actress and submitted a comic reel, which didn’t pan out for her. This year, her first competing in the Supporting Actress race, she chose the exact opposite, entering a highly dramatic scene in which she, as Caroline Spencer, tearfully apologizes to her husband (Jacob Young, who submitted scenes from the same episode for Best Supporting Actor) for kissing another man.

She has to share the screen with a lot of other actors, including her on-screen father-in-law (John McCook), the man she kissed (Thorsten Kaye), and the romantic rival who revealed her secret (Karla Mosley), but she has the longest reel in the category at 18 minutes, and thus plenty of time to make a strong impact of her own.

Nevertheless, she has 50/1 odds and support from just 5% of Users. Should we take her candidacy more seriously?

Last year, our top User was almostsideways, who predicted 60% of the winners. Gold Derby’s Editors and all Users were only right 30% of the time, while Experts scored 25%. If you think you too can outscore all other prognosticators, click here to make your predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

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For instance, if you think we’re dead wrong and expect Godfrey to win, you can place your 500-point bet on her at 50/1 odds, which would earn you 25,000 points if you’re right.

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