Daytime Emmys predictions: Blake Berris (‘Days’) is Supporting Actor frontrunner … or is he?

Defending Daytime Emmys champ Eric Martsolf (“Days of Our Lives“) and his co-star Blake Berris are neck-and-neck in this year’s race for Best Supporting Actor according to our Top 24 Users, who were the highest scorers predicting last year’s nominations. But that’s not the whole story. There’s an interesting anomaly in their racetrack odds. What does it mean for this contest?

Berris, whose character Nick Fallon was killed off in May 2014 in a murder mystery storyline, is predicted to win by 12 of our top users, giving him 10/3 odds. Only eight are betting on Martsolf, but he actually has better odds overall (13/5). How is that possible?

The answer lies in the rest of our Top 24 Users’ rankings (click here to see those). You’ll notice that while eight are predicting Martsolf to win, another 11 rank him second in the race, and 23 predict he’ll at least be nominated. The lone holdout who thinks he’ll be snubbed is

Can Eric Martsolf (‘Days’) defend Daytime Emmys title for Best Supporting Actor?

In contrast, the Top 24 are far more divided over Berris’s candidacy. While half predict he’ll win, seven of them think he’ll be snubbed entirely, and that has brought down his overall odds against Martsolf.

Chad Duell (“General Hospital“) trails them with support from two users and 9/1 odds, which places him fourth in their collective predictions. Duell was nominated three times for Best Younger Actor and competes for the first time in the supporting race.

Scott Clifton (“The Bold and the Beautiful“) is predicted by only one top user, but they rank him ahead of Duell overall. He’s third with 9/2 odds. Clifton has won two Emmys out of three nominations for his “B&B” role as Liam Spencer (Younger Actor in 2011, Supporting Actor in 2013). He’s been nominated seven times overall.

Our last top user is predicting Bryton James (“The Young and the Restless“), who won Best Younger Actor in 2007 out of five total nominations in that category. But only one other top user expects him to even be nominated for Supporting Actor this year, so they rank him eighth overall with 50/1 odds.

Though our Top 24 collectively place Martsolf out front, the rest of our predictors agree with the 12 top users who are backing Berris. In fact, Berris leads by a wide margin according to the predictions of All Users (click here for those).

So who’s right?

Last year, our Top 24 Users scored highest when predicting Daytime Emmy nominations (62.78%), followed by our Editors (60.56%), and Experts and All Users (58.33%). Does that mean we should listen to them again? Even if we do, it wouldn’t give us a clear picture of this race given their unusual schism between Martsolf and Berris.

Who do you think will win? Use our drag-and-drop menu below to predict Best Supporting Actor. Click here to make your picks in other Daytime Emmys races, as well as the Primetime Emmys, ACM Awards, and reality shows like “Survivor” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

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